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Topic: Tonehammer's new Propanium Library

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    Lightbulb Tonehammer's new Propanium Library

    Hey again, I've got a new for for you all.

    Our Propanium (aka MILLTONE) is a highly emotive, metal tongue drum. It's about 14" wide and 8" deep, with 8 tongues of ascending size. The drum has certain similarities to the Hang Drum, but is cleaner, less “steel-drummy”, and has more harmonics and overtones. It's also a generally less dissonant sounding. We recorded the Propanium library using a variety of articulations, including finger, brushes, mallets and captured tons of ready-to-use performance effects. The library follows our “deep-sampling” methodology. The larger patches generally have approximately 10 velocity layers and 6-8 round robin variations per layer. Certain patches (such as the overtone patches) have over 35 velocity layers for maximum playability.

    A few days ago, we held a contest to give away a free copy of the library. We asked you guys to identify as many instruments used in a demo track as you could. Pingu guessed the most and won. I'm certain we'll be doing more contests like that and perhaps even song writing contests at some point. We definitely like doing them. Take a listen to a few demo tracks featuring the Propanium, both by itself and mixed with other instruments to give you a sense of way that it can be used. We hope you like what you hear.

    Demo 1 by Troels Folmann, harmonica played by Steven Tavaglione
    Featuring: Propanium Finger and Propanium Brushed
    Additional Instruments: Hang Drum, Hang Drum downtuned, Rainstick, Soda Tabs, Bamboo Flute FX, Kalimba, Live Guitar, Soft Clap, Coke Bottle, WaterBowl, Guitar Drum, Clicky Toy, Monkey Balls, Finger Cymbals and Vocals from PowerFX.

    Demo 1 (Naked) by Troels Folmann
    Propanium Finger and Propanium Brushed Only

    Demo 2 by Troels Folmann
    Propanium Finger, Propanium Mallet, Propanium Brush FX, Propanium Overtones, Propanium Ambiences Only.

    Here are a few more details about the Propanium, from our blog (http://www.tonehammer.com/?p=1285):

    11 Kontakt patches, 2224 samples, 1.67 GB
    Unlocked Kontakt 2 and 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo .wav files in open directories for easy access

    Brush (Nylon) on all 8 note / tongues: 10 velocity layers, 6x round-robin
    Brush FX: Variation of short and longer brush swells
    Finger strikes on all 8 note / tongues: 10 velocity layers, 8x round-robin
    Finger percussion: 18 velocity layers, 4x round-robin
    Mallet: 9 velocity layers, 8x round-robin
    Ambiences with Modwheel control: 6×6 velocity layers
    Overtones: 8×35 velocity layers
    Overtone flowers: 4×40 velocity layers
    Finger Arpeggiator: A variety of dual-tongues arpeggiated
    Random Arpeggiation: A variety of dual-tongues arpeggiated & randomized
    Random Modwheel Tuning: A variety of dual-tongues tuned on Modwheel
    Extensive read me install, patch and hint documentation (.pdf) and images of our Milltone.

    Please be aware that full a retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4 or Kontakt 3 is required. Stripped down "Kontakt Players" that come bundled with other sample libraries or software are unable to open 3rd party sample libraries or instruments such as ours.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    - Mike P

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    Re: Tonehammer's new Propanium Library

    That's gorgeous guys, I can see that flying off the shelves - certainly one in my direction!



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    Re: Tonehammer's new Propanium Library

    Can I just add my plug. It's great that I got it for free, but if I'd paid for it I would still be here singing the praises of the Propanium. It sounds absolutely great, and the fact that it's so deeply sampled means it feels like you're playing a real instrument. Well worth the price!!!

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