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Topic: JABB on ARIA?

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    JABB on ARIA?

    I'm still awaiting news! I look forward to the day I can stop using NI software.
    Dean L. Surkin
    Steinway A104030
    Sonar X2 (professional), Finale 2011, JABB 3, GPO

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    Re: JABB on ARIA?

    Hi, Dean

    A lot of people are happy that GPO and the other Garritan Libraries will finally be in the company's own ARIA player. Reports from NAMM were great to read, everybody excited by the previews they were getting of ARIA.

    The new GPO will be released very soon now, as per Gary's reports. Dates for the other Libraries, JABB included, haven't been mentioned yet that I've noticed, so the wait may be awhile.

    Meanwhile, there are the KP2 versions. What is it in particular that you don't like about NI's sample engine that all the Garritan instrumetns are still using?

    Randy B.

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    Re: ARIA?

    Although I'm not an experienced GPO user, I find the NI interface painfully difficult to use.

    First, the fonts are so tiny that with very young, very good eyes, it's very difficult to see.

    Setup of the NI and updates are very confusing and messy.

    It's slow to load the instruments.

    The interface is overly crowded, controls are too small and hard to adjust, and it's simply not a good looking interface.

    GPO was my first purchase that used the NI interface. I knew immediately that I would never again purchase any software that uses it.

    So, I for one, am excited to see and use ARIA. I hope that it solves the above issues (and many others).


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    Re: JABB on ARIA?

    Excellent, David "dcollett"

    I think your list of Kontakt complaints pretty much covers the things users have commented on and complained about ever since NI made the transition from the first Kontakt Player to the more complex KP2.

    "...I for one, am excited to see and use ARIA..." You're not alone! I am rather sure you are stating the sentiments of the majority of current users.

    I feel fortunate that KP2 hasn't ever presented any problems for me, but I'm ready and willing to go with the new coming change.

    I think perhaps NI tried to do too much with KP2. When I first got GPO it was still hosted by the first version of the Kontakt Player. It was a fairly simple, straight-forward shell for the instruments and worked fine inside my app of choice, Sonar. But people complained that it didn't have enough features. When NI eventually came out with KP2, what they designed was meant to be an audio engine host that included an entire recording studio. Faders and knobs, with effects available, busses to route signals to. It was a surprise to me when I first opened it up and saw that they were trying to provide almost everything but the sequencer/notation.

    For me, and other DAW users, all the added on goodies in KP2 went unused, because we want to do all that audio routing and work inside our main apps. I don't want to have reverb added to a signal before it gets inside Sonar, and I want to control panning, volume, EQ etc inside Sonar also.

    So all I've done with KP2 is configure it for the max number of stereo channels as possible, and then with each instrument in a project routed to its own audio channel in KP2 - pipe it into parallel tracks in Sonar where all the real work is done.

    In other words, I would have been perfectly happy to keep using the KP1 that GPO originally came with. Like a lot of users, even though all the added resources in KP2 were impressive, they were redundant to what's already available in Sonar.

    People working in Notation programs have different needs, and all the mixing capabilities of KP2 were of more use to them, I do believe.

    I have the Steinway which is housed in ARIA. It's difficult to really see what ARIA will be like in a multi-instrument situation like using GPO, JABB etc. It's a pretty much invisible, straight-forward audio engine that happens to be powering the Steinway, but otherwise, I can't tell much about it.

    From screen shots and info reported from NAMM, ARIA looks like its a lean playback engine which sticks to the basics of just hosting the instruments, more like the original KP1--and that's all that's needed by most people. The main attraction of ARIA for me is that Gary and his company are directly involved in its creation and upkeep so they'll have more control over what's happening with their customers' experiences with the Garritan Libraries.

    I think it's great. Along with you, David and Dean, I look forward!

    Randy B.

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    Re: JABB on ARIA?


    I agree with David's and your points, and have a few of my own:
    1. The NI interface is confusing; many controls are unlabeled.
    2. The addition of effects busses is superfluous when used in Sonar (I use Sonar 8 PE).
    3. The bus outputs to Sonar are poorly labeled--ST 1, ST 2, 5.1, etc., only makes sense if you are mixing to surround sound (I generally mix to stereo). While NI claims to support relabeling the outputs, the results are not consistent.
    4. I use ARIA with Finale 2009, and it is a huge improvement. I didn't have to read the manual to start using it. Also, the Garritan Instruments for Finale 2009 works as a VST plug-in for Sonar, so I've been able to try it out in Sonar. I'm still waiting for JABB to be ported to ARIA, because I like the extra performance controls JABB offers (trumpet doits!).
    5. NI authorization procedure is awkward.
    6. Finally, NI software products are resource hogs. The only time my computer froze with Sonar was when running NI plug-ins. I use the excellent VB3 (ainstead of NI's B4) for my Hammond sounds.
    Dean L. Surkin
    Steinway A104030
    Sonar X2 (professional), Finale 2011, JABB 3, GPO

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