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Topic: Custom Omnisphere Template for Novation Remote SL?

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    Custom Omnisphere Template for Novation Remote SL?

    First post here, found this forum after searching for information on Omnisphere.

    Just got going with the program, and noticed Automap doesn't have anything for Omnisphere. Read through the posts on here about using the Midi Learn, but am still having issues with trying to figure it out, programming isn't my cup of tea.

    Does anyone have a custom template for Omnisphere they wouldn't mind sharing? I searched around before asking and didn't find anything on it.

    I did see someone mentioned novation had one for Omnisphere, but I see it nowhere on the Novation page.....

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    Re: Custom Omnisphere Template for Novation Remote SL?

    The next Novation SL Automap 3.0 will cover companies who insist on using Automation! So you'll be fine as soon as it comes out,date? Not sure yet,should be soon,it was announced @ winter namm 09' Thanks Novation!!!

    Here's their link ,actually there will be 2 versions,one will be free,and the other will be 19.99eu check the link for differences..

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    Re: Custom Omnisphere Template for Novation Remote SL?

    Thanks for the info.

    I read about Automap 3 on the Novation site and also checked out the beta version. No template really for Omnisphere, hopefully it will be in the final product.

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