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Topic: Trilian Group Buy

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    Trilian Group Buy

    Spectrasonics Staff and Forum Members,

    I'd like to know if Spectrasonics is willing to consider a group buy for Trilian when it comes out in May. We can start the group buy before May so that the moment it's out we can all get it. I'm sure many will be interested and it will be announced on many forums.
    I have a hunch that a GB for such a product will attract many newcomers to Spectrasonics products and will enable current users of other Spec. products to get it at a cheaper price.


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    Re: Trilian Group Buy

    Spectrasonics doesn't do Group Buys.

    We sell in retail stores and Group Buys go against many of our Distributor and Dealer agreements.

    So don't count on that one. :-)

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