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Topic: Various issues

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    Various issues

    I've got a couple problems I need some help with, one of which I previously posted a couple months ago but have not yet received a response for, so I'm re-posting it here in the hopes that someone will answer it this time...

    First, in the GPO String KS Ensembles, I've noticed that the various patches range quite dramatically in volume. In other words, when I hit the Pizzicato Key Switch on the 1st Violins, it is dramatically quieter than the Sus+Short Key Switch, and the Short Bows Key Switches are extremely louder than all the other Key Switches. I've been accommodating for this by moving the volume control all over the place. Sometimes I can get away with this without that awkward volume lurch, and sometimes I can't, but the point is that it's a huge pain to have to do.

    I'm sure this can't be normal, otherwise I can't imagine anyone else using the library, but I can't figure out what setting I need to set to fix this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Second, I recently had to reinstall my Garritan libraries. Ever since I did, whenever I start up a new project, I have to go through each individual instrument I load, go into the instrument options and check the box marked "Accept standard controllers for Volume and Pan" so that the automation will work. There must be a way to set this to the default so that I don't have to do this for sixty instruments every time I start a new project, since I never had to do this before I reinstalled, but I can't figure out what it is. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!



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    Re: Various issues


    What are you using GPO in? Is it a sequencer and if so which one?

    I am not the expert on these matters, but I know that this info is needed.

    Also post this in the discussions threads in Garritan Libraries and more people will see it.

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    Re: Various issues

    I'm using it in Digital Performer 5

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