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Topic: Looking for a tutorial.....

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    Looking for a tutorial.....

    wasn't there somewhere a "screaming trumpet" tutorial by Tom Hopkins? I can't find it, or am I wrong and wasn't there a tutorial as such?


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    Re: Looking for a tutorial.....

    I can't find it either but I 'm sure there was one

    Tom has just finished a new demo focusing on the extreme range of the trumpets.


    Tom calls it a demented scream trumpet demo and titled it "Psychosis In Trumpetsville" and you'll know why when you hear it. The message here is, of course: Most trumpet players are inherently crazy.

    Tom thought that the unique capabilities of the JABB library (with respect to upper range trumpet) needed to be further illustrated, so he took on the task. Note the fast runs and wide-interval glisses - all accomplished using the shakes layer programming. Nothing fancy here in the mix
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    Re: Looking for a tutorial.....

    it is a sticky in the Listening Room...


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