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Topic: Settle the strings argument?

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    Settle the strings argument?

    I\'ve read, with interest, the various opinions on the current strings offerings and I\'ve listened to most of the demos.

    The GOs demos sounded better (to me) than Miroslav or Hunter (\'official\' demos, that is).

    But then Thomas goes and proves that there is such a thing as a gifted midi orchestrator with his ET snippet.

    I\'m a buttinski, and it\'s none of my business, but how about commissioning Thomas to do a demo with each set (and a demo with them all)? You could pay him with cash and/or libraries. (We\'d have a \'string version\' of the Purgatory Creek piano comparison).

    We could all get to listen to a master craftsman get the best out of these libraries, and it would give Thomas a chance to build up a portfolio (because he at least deserves a bit of a leg up from the more seasoned members of this group - and he might return the favor later).

    He should certainly be beta testing these products (and any offerings about to be released).

    I think with all of the available tools and technology, Thomas could produce orchestral arrangements that would \'fool\' 99% of the public.

    This guy deserves a chance to break in to this industry on his midi chops and fine ear alone (and then he could do whatever he could with his compositions).

    What say you guys? It would cost nothing to developers, it would provide you with a top-notch demo, and it would give the rest of us a chance to argue about which is best (and to drool over that which we do not possess).

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    Re: Settle the strings argument?

    I think Tj should be on beta teams of course, and that he can produce some great demos for all the libraries....but I really think it takes alot of time to \"learn\" a library before you can put it to a great performance. I still think TJ would do some great stuff with GOS, hes doone great stuff with all the libraries he has, but he\'s had them for a while so he \"knows\" them. Still If I did an orchestral library there\'s no doubt that I\'d try and contact him and Marteen to do some demos and beta test. Simon would be a given as well.

    Now where did I place that multiple hundered of thousands of dollars, so I can go do an orchestral library?......

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Settle the strings argument?

    I\'d have to agree with KingIdiot. GOS is quite deep and even after working with it for 8 months, I\'m still learning and getting better with it everyday. It\'s that deep!!

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    Re: Settle the strings argument?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Haydn:
    I\'d have to agree with KingIdiot. GOS is quite deep and even after working with it for 8 months, I\'m still learning and getting better with it everyday. It\'s that deep!!


    I\'m sure it is. Nevertheless, I suspect that Thomas would quickly master it (please excuse me, Thomas, for talking about you in this way).

    Some people play piano for thirty years but never quite learn how to play, some seem able to master it instantly - most of us are somewhere in-between. I enjoy a lot of the music I hear from members of this group, but I hear something more in Thomas\'s work.

    Hey man, Thomas is the Tiger Woods of midi orchestration. I hear it. I\'d like to hear what he does with GOS; but he\'s a student and maybe it\'s a little expensive.

    Certainly, all the people who own GOS attest to its superiority, but (some of) the rest of us remain a bit puzzled. I certainly do when I hear Thomas producing sounds (much, much) better than developer demos. He seems to imbue his music with a \'musicality\' that I just didn\'t believe was possible with any orchestral samples - it sounds \'alive\'.

    Such a comparison doesn\'t, I believe, have to be done on the same piece of music. I see people asking for exchange of midi files, but I think (even though it appears logical - it might miss the point) it\'s matching the music to the samples and vice-versa that seems to be an important part of the art itself.

    Of course, all of these comments rest upon a subjective assumption that I\'m making - that Thomas is exceptional, in the way that maybe Perlman or de Lucia or many other \'naturals\' are exceptional. It may all be subjective and I could be wrong: But I\'m not. :-)

    I hear \'about\' the GOS, but I still don\'t hear it kicking *** the way everyone who owns it claims it does (please don\'t take that as a criticism of the work of others because it\'s not).

    Just a thought.

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    Re: Settle the strings argument?

    Wow Z6, I don\'t know what to say except to thank you for all the kind words! I don\'t think I deserve all that praising! I\'m truely honored! I\'ve been in touch with Gary. Maybe I\'ll get to do some demos with GoS in the near future. I\'m just as excited about this enormous string library as anyone else here and I would very much like to see how it could improve my midi mockups. I\'m sure it takes a while to learn the library, though. It\'s strengths and weaknesses. What to avoid etc. No library is perfect. When I compose I tend to take a little bit from this library and a little bit from that library. I never use the same standard set of patches because each patch serves a different musical purpose and plays well in some contexts whereas it might not work at all in another. Anyway I love the fact that there are so many people out there, doing the same things that I am doing. Handing out advice and helping out people. This is really a great site on the internet and I visit it as often as I can.

    The next interesting project you can expect from me is a recording of a real orchestra that I\'ve been writing a concert for. (I\'ve also got the mock-up for reference) Because no matter how much I love to do my orchestrations in a sequencer, there\'s nothing that gets you going like a professional live orchestra playing your music, each and every musician putting all his heart in this one little part that is his. That\'s were true emotion emerge in music, and that\'s why I love orchestral music so much.

    Anyway, thanks Z6! those were some REALLY encouraging words!!


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