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Topic: Can't obtain vibrato in JABB

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    Can't obtain vibrato in JABB

    UPDATE: Since the writing below, I did a general search for VIBRATO throughout the forum. Vibrato seems to come back time and time again as a somewhat thorny issue because even if one finds the best simulation to an instrument, the simulation remains lifeless without vibrato. As I've seen from the numerous posts, this is an issue not only with newbs like me, but with some pretty seasoned old hands as well. Anyway, I found a post by Reevs who mentioned that Sonar users must check the Channel Aftertouch box in Options/Global/MIDI because only then Sonar will record this controller. Mike also reiterated that CC17 is also necessary. The combination of Mike's scripts and Reevs' suggestion did it for me. Thank you, Reevs and Mike!

    However: I still don't know how and where to place controllers into Sonar. You all talk about controllers without once mentioning the howtos. How about a somewhat more in depth tutorial?

    Thanks, John.


    Hello all!!

    Yeah, I am a novice and trying to get around JABB. It's not an overly difficult task, even for me.


    I have an M-Audio Axiom 61 keyboard controller. This controller has Channel Aftertouch but for some reason I am not able to send it to Kontact to create Vibrato effects. The Axiom61 is a great machine, but a few weeks ago I had to hit the panic button which wiped out the initial factory settings. OK, I fired up Enigma and loaded the factory default settings back onto the machine. Then, I made up a new user preset bank to get the controller to send a cc131 (Channel Pressure) to Kontact2 (v2.2.4) for triggering Vibrato. I assigned the cc131 to a slider on the Axiom, fired up Kontakt in my Sonar Home Studio 6 XL, got Flugelhorn 1 into Kontakt, jacked up VibSpd to a moderate level and merrily started playing. Absolutely NO vibrato effect. Everything else works and I can obtain a very realistic Flug (by manipulating other controls and the triple paragraphic EQ [not mentioned in the manual]), but without vibrato. I mention that I DID Recall the new preset on the Axiom, which resides in memory bank one.

    Anyone has a hunch as to what I am doing wrong?

    Another thing, how do I know whether Kontact that comes up in Sonar is a DXi or a VST? How can I use them both (of course, not in the same time)? I directed Sonar to scan the DXI, but am only seeing NI Kontact 2 Player in Sonar's Insert/Soft Synths menu.

    Thanks, John.

    PS: Thank you, Gary, for the great software!
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