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Topic: Working with Dan Powers this week @ISU

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    Working with Dan Powers this week @ISU

    This week I will be taking part in the Lilly Fellows Teacher Academy at ISU in Terre Haute, Indiana. I will be one of 6 teachers who are Lilly Fellows, who will be teaching in the ISU School of Education. We will meet with pre-service students and share our passion for teaching, tips and advice. I will mainly meet with classes that have elementary ed majors.

    This is my second time doing this and I really enjoy it. Last time I had a former student in a class - not surprising.

    We also get some professional development while we are there. I requested two kinds. I will get to work in the graphics department and print out a number of my images from my Lilly Indiana Portrait project on their large format printers.

    I also requested to work with our forum's own Dan Powers - who a faculty member in the music department at ISU. On Wednesday morning I will get to spend a few hours with Dan and run some of the scores for Rivertown past him for his feedback and critique. Dan has a ton more experience and talent and years in orchestrating, so this will be quite helpful. Hopefully Dan will like some of what he hears - don't shred me too much Dan ! ! !

    I am hoping to be able to get to his recital on Wednesday night.
    So after this I will have personally met with Jim Williams (the mighty Snorlax) and Dan Powers - who does not require an alias!

    I am sure as the years go by I will get to meet more of you!
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    Re: Working with Dan Powers this week @ISU

    And the interesting thing is, that until Charles e-mailed me earlier today, I had no idea of the connection with the GPO forum. One of the universe's fascinating little coincidences at work.

    Looking forward to meeting you and finding out more about Rivertown. Hopefully I can be useful.
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: Working with Dan Powers this week @ISU

    This is so great - Thanks for letting us know, Charles. I'm betting you're right, that Dan will be an ideal person to try some "Rivertown" charts out on!


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