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Topic: Wasserlauf and unfinished piece

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    Wasserlauf and unfinished piece

    Hi everybody,

    I hope my English is good enough for this.
    This is my first thread here, and I post some of my latest works.
    The first one “Wasserlauf in flirrender Luft” is a dodecaphonic piece for Piccolo, Flute, English Horn, Bb Bass Clarinet and Harp. It’s based up on a lyric 12-ton scale so the piece itself sounds quite gentle. All instruments are from GPO except the Bass Clarinet, that one comes from JABB.


    The second piece is unfinished (jet) but may be you give it a try. I mixed it very quickly so the trumpets are still a little bit to loud. The instruments are from GPO and JABB.


    Let me know what you think.
    I’m really excited about your feedback.

    All the best

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    Re: Wasserlauf and unfinished piece

    Hi Jan and Welcome to the community! Your English is great and your first posted piece is a really good rendering. The woodwinds sound very realistic,
    watch your levels on the piccolo, it sounds a bit piercing at times. Interesting panning effect there at the end.
    The second piece shows a lot of promise, I like the full sound you achieved with it, nice work with the dynamics as well.
    Thanks for sharing these, I hope to hear much more from you in the future.

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    Re: Wasserlauf and unfinished piece

    Hi Jan,
    Two dramatic works. In the 1st, something sounded like a Gamalon(sp)(gong.) Good tone color contrast.
    The 2nd seemed to have lower levels for some of the instruments(bass cl)
    but that may be so in order to achieve such a large crescendo.
    I haven't even read about dodecaphonic music. I'll have to check wikapedia.
    An impressive, different sort of work.


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    Re: Wasserlauf and unfinished piece


    Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm touched!

    I suggest the Gamalon-like sound you mentioned is one of the lower Harp chords. I'm quite happy about you association, because indeed my intention was to make it sound like some kind of percussion instrument.

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    Re: Wasserlauf and unfinished piece


    Welcome to the board.

    I enjoyed listening to your works very much. The quintet has some great harmonic interplay between the voices.

    I am especially excited to see where you will take the second. The textures and moods it evokes in the opening are powerful! Wonderful use of muted brass.

    Out of curiosity, were these done in Finale? Sibelius? Cubase?


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    Re: Wasserlauf and unfinished piece


    Welcome to the forum.

    I have always enjoyed 12-tone music. I figure if you got'em, why not use 'em.

    These are a fine way to introduce yourself to our little community.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Wasserlauf and unfinished piece

    Hi Reegs,

    I did the music in Sibelius 4 with GPO Studio. I love working with Sibelius so I do just the mixing in Cubase.

    All the best

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