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Topic: Sonic State RMX Time Designer video

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    Sonic State RMX Time Designer video


    I cant believe my ears but I definitely believe in Eric and Spectrasonics.

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    Re: Sonic State RMX Time Designer video

    I love Spectrasonics mostly becuase: they make the stuff that musicians/producers need!

    unlike other comanies just put out stuff just to sell or whatever.

    Spectrasonics is totally the BEST!!

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    Re: Sonic State RMX Time Designer video

    Totally agree. After the Intel Wrapper debacle I'm so chuffed that Spectrasonics have come through for us again. Free Trillian for Intel Mac users and now this RMX update, that looks unbelievably useful.
    I work for a game developer and 3 of us in our audio dept use RMX. Time Designer EXACTLY describes what all 3 of have admitted to wanting in the past!


    MacPro 2x3 Ghz Quad Intel OSX 10.4.11 DP 5.13
    9 Gig RAM
    VI's & Libs: Ethno4 / Tsaiko/ RA / Symphonic Choirs/ MX 4 / V-Station / Kontact / Arturia MiniMoog V / EWQLSO Gold / GPO / Atmosphere / Trilogy / NI Komplete4 / Massive / SAM Horns / True Strike /GPO/Garritan Jazz Band / QL Brass /Stylus RMX/ Atmosphere /Trilogy/ Voices of Passion

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    Re: Sonic State RMX Time Designer video

    The fabulous thing about this is that you can take a loop of your own music, recycle it, and suddenly everything in RMX works with it.
    My biggest problem with RMX has been simply finding things that work at all, never mind if I like it or not. Now that's pretty much history.

    So ............. what are my options for creating REX files?
    Is Recycle the only game in town that will work?

    BTW - Thanks Eric


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    Re: Sonic State RMX Time Designer video

    That demo blew me away. Also to be working on RMX, Trillian and Omnisphere at the same time is mind boggling. Spectra is "The One".

    Seeing all that Eric & Co. are capable of is making me wish they could buy Logic from Apple and really make it the one and only software sequencer that you'd ever need. There's a level of drive and perfection there that leaves most people in the dust. Imagine what Spectrasonics could do with Logic?

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    Re: Sonic State RMX Time Designer video

    Absolutely amazing and exactly what I've wished RMX could do.
    Thanks very much, Eric!

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