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Topic: FR: Stylus RMX search by name

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    FR: Stylus RMX search by name

    hi, I guess it may have to wait for RMX 2.0 since they can't give away everything free of cost without any update fees :-), but I would love in RMX to be able to search for loops/suites by name....I dont need the extensive tagging and categorisation as in omnisphere (although some users may), but just a simple search. Yesterday I was doing a project that I wanted to find my udu loops. So many libraries I had to remember which library had udu loops......If I could simple type in udu and it will show me all the loops with the name udu in it.. would have made life so much easier..........

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    Re: FR: Stylus RMX search by name

    +1 great idea!

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    Re: FR: Stylus RMX search by name

    +1 Yes yes yes. zvenx So many sounds to cycle through. Do you use the favorites? Tagging would be awesome.

    I mentioned before that it would be helpful to also have the Omni styled browsing UI in RMX. It would be nice to have it applied to the Muti's section. At least the Parts are able to be viewed in a bowser list format already which is good. However, I find the Muti's drop down patch menu's burdensome after a while. I need to see a list view.

    I believe it'll happen in the future.


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