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Topic: Symphony nr.1

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    Symphony nr.1

    For the purpose of sequence: [edited message]

    Part 1: (already presented) -> ~16 minutes

    Part 2: (already presented) -> ~11 minutes

    Part 3: (new entry:febr.12) -> ~12 minutes

    Part 4: the final part is following soon, sketches are ready

    Lower the volume, some strong attacks are present!!!


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    Re: Symphony nr.1


    Last fall I did my student teaching at a school where the head of the Math Department was from The Hague. She left there years ago.

    I can tell that this was done in a Notation program. It is so difficult to get a decent drum roll out of notation prgrams. It seems like you just get stuck with machine guns all of the time. That is the main reason I switched to Sonar.

    This is structured well and has enough change to keep it interesting.

    I really like the theme that starts about half way thru.

    Well done

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    Re: Symphony nr.1

    This is good modern symphony work.

    It does have many changes and you have taken enough chances with it to create interesting music.

    It sounds like you have put much time and work into this music.

    Nice writing and production.


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    Re: Symphony nr.1

    Raymond, my friend,

    good to see you are having rich output and can post it here. Downloading right now.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Symphony nr.1

    Bravo, Raymond, on this considerable eneavor!

    I listen with continued interest... and especially enjoyed the
    more adventuresome, chaotic material, followed by the
    almost light-hearted, dance-like segments and their
    subsequent guises and developments. Well balanced, the
    way this returns to initial statements so vigorously at the

    Bring to me 3 & 4!

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Symphony nr.1

    Thank you all folks. David, I amended the second part just a bit. Now after those light-hearted dance like stuff I repeat the initial theme for a while to end with a blast (the same) in chaos. I will upload this as soon as I have finished the following parts.

    And now I know why those famous guys only wrote 9 or 10 symphonies.... it takes all brain power and I sleep, dream, eat, drink themes, moods and orchestration....


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    Re: Symphony nr.1

    Another forum member from The Hague!

    These are seriously good pieces, Raymond, very impressive.

    Best wishes,

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