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Topic: Winds of Change

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    Winds of Change

    This is a quartet consisting of a Flute, an Oboe , a Violin and a Cello.

    Here it is
    Winds of Change.mp3 - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage

    Hope you enjoy

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Winds of Change

    I love the feel of this track. You hit this one out of da park Ron.
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    Re: Winds of Change

    Hi Ron, Is this a bit of a departure for you? I can't remember hearing anything quite like this. I like the instrumentation on this one. The first segment has an oriental sound to it, the middle section makes me think of jazz for some reason I can't put my finger on, and the ending seems to unify the piece.
    I'm going back to re-listen to this, Thanks for sharing it! John

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    Re: Winds of Change

    This sounds like oriental impressionism.

    It's pretty mellow for you and I like it.

    Maybe there is a connection to your new teaching career and the joy and piece you have found in your life.


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    Re: Winds of Change


    Thanks man. I haven't hit one out in a long time (never in baseball, but a lot in softball).


    I read your post last night and thought about what you said today and in some ways you are right. I think I compose differently for small ensembles than for full orchestras.

    Here is an example of a string quartet I did awhile back.

    This is the 4th and final movement of the piece for comparison. (The panning sucks in this as does the reverb)

    The oriental feel comes from the use of the pentatonic scale. The jazz reference surprises me. Thanks


    I have been told that my music seems to be getting more and more mellow since the time of my divorce. I guess I need to get married again to get my edge back.

    Thanks guys

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Winds of Change


    I think the title is perfect for this quartet. I don't find the mood peaceful at all - no violence but a subtle unease and inquietude as one waiting for changes "in the wind" to solidify (sorry about the mixed metaphor ).

    The middle section has a slight jazz feel to me also perhaps because of the bouncier tempo.

    I am very fond of small ensembles and I really like this one.

    So I hope you write some more.


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    Re: Winds of Change

    Hi Ron.
    I was following a thread today on the Discussion Forum and then to an ancient Chinese music. Some say there are no coincidences.
    This sounds a lot like Korean music.
    All of the instruments speak clearly.


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    Re: Winds of Change


    I like the mood of this piece. I also enjoy your use of dynamic contrasts and lower voice orchestration. I feel that sometimes it could use a little more of a pulse, though.


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    Re: Winds of Change

    Have you been doing some Tai Chi recently? LOL

    It has the flavor and feel of a quiet running brook on a warm and sunny afternoon. This is nicely orchestrated and open an airy in its presentation. Nice pizzicato contrast 3/4ths the way through to. It is light and bouncy to augment the quiet self reflection of the beginning. You have done well on a piece that is not normally your style. I really enjoyed this piece. Thanks for giving my mind a break from the winter blast we are currently experiencing.

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    Re: Winds of Change

    This is fantastic Ron. I was thinking with its oriental influences it might be interesting to substitute the violin for an erhu or some other asian bowed instrument. Just a thought.

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