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Topic: Updates of the Steinway?Where?

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    Updates of the Steinway?Where?

    From where can I donwload the updates we are all talking about?


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    Re: Updates of the Steinway?Where?

    I can't stress enough that link is not the official release. It is a public beta (if you wish to use it you may) and the link posted above won't be valid in a few days when the official update goes live.
    The official versions are always available through
    I personally recommend to use only official releases.

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    Re: Updates of the Steinway?Where?

    Thanks Jeff,

    I think I'll wait that few days. I need a break anyway, no music, not even a Steinway....... a new stove. The one we have dated from the beginning of our marriage, some 40 years ago. Now at the brink of our "second life" we need another one, filled with microwaved samples, ceramic percussion and sonic equalizers........ *uhuhuhuh*


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    Re: Updates of the Steinway?Where?

    Should the first update (1.01) be loaded before this new one?

    Also, I will wait until the new one is on the website. I am learning to be more patient.

    And to be honest, I LOVE THE STEINWAY PROFESSIONAL!!!!

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    Re: Updates of the Steinway?Where?

    Will the update be on the website this week?


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    Exclamation Re: Updates of the Steinway?Where?

    Hi all,

    I'm having a few issues with the Steinway 1.02.2 (beta) update. Just checking with you if they are specific to my system or more general.

    After installing the update (done multiple times, even with uninstalling v1.0 first):

    1) After loading a perspective, I can no longer set any of the resonance, eq, reverb options on the "Space" tab to "On". They default at "Off", and will stay like that after clicking it. The effects themselves don't work also.

    2) Exclusively when the "Space" tabs is selected, the CPU gets stuck at 100% and the interface becomes very sluggish. After selecting another tab everything is back to normal. Maybe related to issue 1?

    3) Playing the same note twice (or more) very fast with the sustain pedal up, causes a long decay of the last note after the key has been released. This is particularly noticable in the lower register. It appears that hitting the same note a second time when the first has not decayed completely, makes the decay of the second much longer. This is without release samples loaded (under lid persp., lite).

    This is with the Garritan Steinway Pro run as a VST plugin inside Plogue Bidule. In standalone mode the same problems are ALSO there. If I reinstall the original v1.0 everything is back to normal and functional again.

    Anyone else having these problems?



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    Re: Updates of the Steinway?Where?

    Quote Originally Posted by rjdekker View Post
    Hi all,

    I'm having a few issues with the Steinway 1.02.2 (beta) update...........

    Anyone else having these problems?



    Sorry to hear of your troubles. I'm currently working on a project and have opted to NOT install just in case I bump into some issues. I'm anxious to install the beta, and after reading your post I'm glad that I have waited. I hope a fix for your problems comes very soon.


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    Re: Updates of the Steinway?Where?

    I'm having the same sustain problem since installing the beta. Jeff knows about it and he mentioned he was going to be looking at it over this past weekend.

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