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Topic: Samples available

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    Samples available

    Howdy y\'all,

    I have several sample cds that i haven\'t ever used that I am offering at discount. If anyone is interested, email:



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    Re: Samples available

    mmm, don\'t be surprised to receive at least some question marks or minor flames over this proposal.

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    Re: Samples available

    You CAN\'T resell sample libraries, Mello!

    Samples have copyrights that you purchase and you can\'t resell those rights...

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    Re: Samples available

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Maarten Spruijt:
    You CAN\'T resell sample libraries, Mello!

    Samples have copyrights that you purchase and you can\'t resell those rights...

    normally you would be correct- however, i have never used these and have not actually activated the license. you can\'t transfer a license once it\'s assigned, but my understanding is they haven\'t been assigned if they are sitting unused (never used).

    furthermore, there was no purchase involved with these cds, they were given to me - everything is legitimate.

    thanks for the input

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    Re: Samples available

    This is interesting and it may even allow me to save some money!! For I too have several sample cd\'s that I have never used in a recording or performance (and never will), never sent in any registration cards, etc, and now they are just collecting dust. Am I legally allowed to get rid of , sell, these cd\'s?

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    Re: Samples available

    The answer is very clear: It depends.

    In Germany the supreme court has recently made very clear, that you are allowed to sell software like anything else. The US license laws are not applicable in Germany since software (or samples) is a good like any other good. You may have used it or not: You can legally sell it. You just have to make sure, that by the time you sold it, you
    do not use it anymore and you do not hold any copies.

    There is a huge used-software market in Germany. Why not ? It is a good like a book, a car or anything else.

    Other countries may have other laws.


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    Re: Samples available

    I agree emotionally with what you\'ve said. There is a difference between a car and a piece of software though. If you sell a car, you don\'t have a copy of it still in your garage. With software, there\'s no guarantee that there\'s not a copy on your hard drive on on a copied CD. It seems this is a very difficult problem to solve. How does a developer protect intellectual property but still allow the buyer some flexibility in recouping some of the cost by reselling if, for example the buyer is no longer interested in the program.
    On the other hand, sampling can lead to such innovative artworks and musicworks that it\'s really a shame when recording companies create such a ruckus about reused snatches of recorded music.

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