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Topic: Distorted Acid Synth

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    Distorted Acid Synth


    Can someone check and see if there having a problem with this patch.

    Distorted Acid Synth.

    I get wild feedback and big CPU spike.



    Larry Ortega
    LJ Productions Inc.

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    Re: Distorted Acid Synth

    It is working fine here

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    Re: Distorted Acid Synth

    I assume this is for omnisphere? :-)
    There are other products in the world you know :-).....

    It is fine on my pc running nuendo 4.2.2 and on my macbookpro running cubase 4.5.2
    richard sven
    sound sculptist
    Nuendo 4.3 | Intel DP35DP : Intel Quad Core QX 6700 : 4GB RAM | Windows XP Pro SP3 | Lynx Two C | Midisport 2x2 | 2xUAD-1, UAD-2 Quad |

    Cubase 4.5.2 | MacBookPro 2.16 Ghz | 10.6.3 | 2GB | TC Konnekt 8

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    Re: Distorted Acid Synth

    Thanks guys . .

    I'll try re-installing the patches and see if that works.


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    Re: Distorted Acid Synth

    Please contact tech support with the details and we'll look into it.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Distorted Acid Synth

    Thanks Glenn.

    I think I see whats going on with the patch.

    I'll contact tech support.


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