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Topic: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

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    Talking Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    Well, after a structural analysis of a simple gavotte by J. S. Bach I was able to write a gavotte of my own making this my second piece. I also used Logic Pro 8's Binaural Panner so if you listen on a good pair of headphones you should be able to perceive distance as well as direction. Please tell me what you think of it and feel free to provide suggestions and/or criticisms.

    AAC: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    MP3: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    EDIT(8:42PM PST): Fixed the panning positions. The first and second violins were too close to each other on the first recording. Thanks to Ron for pointing that out.
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    Re: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    I think you did a nice job.
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    Re: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    Well done, Mr. Sheridan! My kind of music. I like your gavotte.

    Are you a music student? Tell us about yourself when you next post a message.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    Thanks guys!

    Yeah, I would consider myself a music student but I'm self taught nowadays. I've been playing piano/keyboard since 2001. Had several different piano teachers at different times. Since fall of '07 I've been practicing piano on my own focusing on baroque pieces mostly by Bach; but lately I've been starting in on some late renaissance/early baroque pieces from composers such as Byrd, Frescobaldi, Gibbons and the rest of the gang for a little variety. A year ago I started in on music theory with Steinke's "Harmonic Materials in Tonal Music Part 1". I'm almost through it and about ready to start in on part 2 which I'm looking forward to. Ultimately, I hope to bring into my compositions the structural complexities of the renaissance and baroque period while using a combination of natural(such as string, woodwind, brass etc) and synthesized instruments(FM synths, analog synths, and anything else artificial).

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    Re: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    This is a nice little dance.

    The panning is done very well, although thereis one instrument on the left that is right on top of the violin. I guess it is the violinist sitting next to him.

    Nicely done

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    Re: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    Thanks Ron. I just looked at my panning positions and noticed that I accidentally positioned the 1st violin too close to the 2nd violin as seen here. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll fix that ASAP.

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    Re: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    It sounds good to me.

    I like the melody.

    The reverb might be a little deep for this music.


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    Re: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    I like the performance very much. The piece is solidly a gavotte! I also like the way you treated each instrument and the dynamics incorporated on the individual notes in their lines. That is excellent attention to detail!

    The reverb and placement of the instruments in the stereo field sounds appropriate to me. I felt I was in a medium sized recital hall about 1/3 of the way back from the performers (intimate but not reading over their shoulders ).

    The only suggestion I would offer to this fine piece has nothing to do with your writing or scoring, but with the presentation. The piece starts and ends abruptly. I usually add a second of time before the piece starts and likewise have a second or so added at the end (especially before the reverb is introduced). These "tails" give the music a chance to breathe and make it more natural in its presentation.

    Great Job!
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    Re: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet


    Very nice Gavotte. It's nice to see that Bach appeals to
    the younger musicians of today. There is much to be learned
    from his music. Not only form, modulation, counterpoint, etc.,
    but playing his music does wonders for your piano technique.

    Very well done, Sheridan.

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    Re: Gavotte in G Minor for String Quintet

    Thanks for the advice. I noticed that for some reason the AAC file is 4 seconds shorter than the MP3 version. Don't know how that happened. The MP3 version does have the space before and after the song like you suggested.

    Yeah, after a year of Bach I've seen huge improvements in my technique especially from his two and three part inventions. Also, Erno Dohnanayi's book of finger exercises has really helped. It's a set of quick yet tricky exercises that focus on increasing the independence of each finger. It's been much better than Czerny.

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