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Topic: Omni Update Problem

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    Omni Update Problem

    Omnisphere is wonderful! BUT

    Although I updated the program portion to 1.03f, I can't seem to get the Patch and Soundsource updates to take.

    First, the zipped downloads don't unzip properly--error message says access is denied, format may be incorrect --I assume this is all the patch info... In any case, setup.exe DOES run from the zipped download....

    But instead of loading the new info, I get an error message (similar for both) saying "Error occurred while trying to read the source file. The source file M:\etc\etc\etc\~~PDTemps\..\STEAM\* does not exist.

    True, it doesn't. The program seems to generate ~~PDTemps\setup.exe --but....

    Yes, I read the ReadMe saying I must choose the original install path, and should install to the directory ABOVE my STEAM folder, but the install program will only accept the actual STEAM directory as the target (anything else results in error message that this is not the STEAM folder, and the STEAM folder has to be the one with the Omnisphere\Settings Library subfolders... which actually describes my STEAM folder, but then I get the problem above...)

    I suspect this related to the fact that my STEAM folder is at one directory (K:\OmniSphere\STEAM\) while my Windows XP directory is in M:. But I do have a working STEAM shortcut in place and have been running Omnisphere to date w/ no problems.

    Any suggestions? (Windows XP, SP3)



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    Re: Omni Update Problem

    Are you using XP's built-in zip extractor?
    I couldn't use Vista's.
    It gave me error messages...something about duplicate

    I downloaded ZIP Reader (free) from:


    That did the trick.

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    Re: Omni Update Problem

    My installers located the STEAM folder automatically
    So my install path was D:\Omnisphere\STEAM
    instead of just D:\Omnisphere

    And everything is working fine

    But yes, definately sounds like a corrupted zip file

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    Re: Omni Update Problem

    JD - Did you try downloading again? Sometimes downloads get corrupted.


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    Re: Omni Update Problem

    Thanks TimeStretch--

    Apparently whatever unzip program my defaults to was not adequate--when I downloaded the PK unzip program and used that I could unzip the downloads into the appropriate folder, and from then on the update worked!

    Good detective work--Thanks!


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