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Topic: JABB keyswitch in Sibelius Sounds Essentials

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    JABB keyswitch in Sibelius Sounds Essentials

    I have a feeling this may be a silly question, but somebody might have some helpful advice.

    I recently bought Sibelius 5 which has Sibelius Sounds Essentials with some samplings from Garritan. I became an instant Garritan convert as I had heard the Native Instruments sounds supplied with previous versions of Sibelius and of course they're quite inferior.

    So I have been extending my Garritan library beyond what Sibelius offers. I bought the Garritan Authorised Steinway - brilliant - and will also be buying GPO to supplement what's missing from the Sibelius offering (solo viola and cello for a start).

    As a composer of orchestral and chamber music the one thing missing for me in all this is brass mutes other than straight mute (I have posted elsewhere in this forum on this topic, to find out if the new GPO changes the situation. It doesn't.).

    JABB does have all the mutes but I don't write big band music (and my jazz charts are all combo lead sheets that I don't need to play back) so this library is not one that I will use.

    Nonetheless, before I decide whether to get JABB just for the brass mutes I notice something.

    I have been given the JABB trumpet with Sibelius 5 as part of Sounds Essentials! The key switches supplied are open and harmon mute. So I am getting there, but the mute I want for an upcoming score is trumpet cup mute.

    Is there any way of activating the key switch from the Garritan side for cup mute on the JABB trumpet I already have as part of Sibelius Essentials? Or do I simply need to buy JABB to get it?

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    Re: JABB keyswitch in Sibelius Sounds Essentials

    I've found that, in my big band scores using Sib Essentials, if I place a Text Expression (Cntrl+T) above the staff that contains To Harmon that causes the switch to the harmon sample. Maybe a direction To Cup Mute would work similarly?
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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    Re: JABB keyswitch in Sibelius Sounds Essentials

    Looking at the Sib manual and the soundset, the JABB Trumpet in SSE only has harmon mute.

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    Re: JABB keyswitch in Sibelius Sounds Essentials

    Thanks both of you. It's conclusive I think. I either need to get JABB or stick with harmon (from SSE) or straight (from GPO) mutes.

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