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Topic: Ever get that slightly-sickening feeling that...

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    Ever get that slightly-sickening feeling that...

    One of your drives is gonna bite the dust soon?

    Well, I'm there, and I wanted to ask some questions about a backup strategy.

    The main question I have is this:

    Suppose I went out and bought a 1TB HD, or whatever, slapped her into my Mac, and dragged-and-dropped the existing stuff I've got from my current drive to the new one.

    Then, say the current one hits the fan. If I load in the new drive, will my libraries and such be accessible and usable? What happens if I have libraries using PLAY, StylusRMX, Omnisphere and VSL SE? These libraries all talk about special steps to take to move one library from one location to another.

    Does anyone have any experience with doing this? I'd really like to avoid major catastrophe.

    Thanks for reading and any advice you might be able to offer.

    Steve K
    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: Ever get that slightly-sickening feeling that...

    If ou are running leopard i would recommend to use Time Machine.
    I set up a mirrored raid of two 1.5 TB drives and Time machine backs up my internal 750 GB drive very hour. I can go back and rebuild the status of my system to any point in time.
    Works like a charme and is totally effortless.
    If the internal drive dies i simply replace it and use the restore function in Timemachine.

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    Re: Ever get that slightly-sickening feeling that...

    Thanks for the advice, Hans.

    I'm using TM for my internal OS drive. I'd be fine with using it to back up to an external for samples...

    The question remains, though ... if it's a different drive, will the sample paths still work if I need to bump over to the backup drive, or copy files over from the backup to a new primary?

    Thanks again!
    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: Ever get that slightly-sickening feeling that...

    Speaking for Kontakt and Kontakt Player:
    If you move libraries, simply set the new location in the options dialog.
    That has to be done once for each library.
    Pretty easy.
    However, library ID and Player are stored on the internal drive.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Re: Ever get that slightly-sickening feeling that...

    you can 'clone' an entire drive (using carbon copy cloner on mac). when swapping out the original with the clone there should be no difference in how applications see file paths, as the cloning process makes a completely identical copy. the best thing to do would be to buy the drive and external enclosure (or just throw it in the internal chain if you've got space), clone to it and swap it out and see if everything works. if something goes wrong you can just put the old drive back in and do all your installs correctly.

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    Re: Ever get that slightly-sickening feeling that...

    Thanks for the tip on cloning. Would it matter if the cloned drive were bigger than the original drive? If not, does anyone recommend something like a 2 TB internal drive for this sort of thing, or is 1.5 TB as big as you usually go?

    Steve K.
    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: Ever get that slightly-sickening feeling that...

    i've cloned from smaller to larger with no issues. re: size, i'm not really sure but a video production friend actually limits his drive size to 750gb. apparently it has something to do with sustained transfer times and the number of platters or something, but i'm not too sure. i'm not an expert on massive sample libraries either, as i just work off of a laptop and the most i use is gpo, goffriler, and some smaller libs.

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    Re: Ever get that slightly-sickening feeling that...

    The 1st of every month I clone my OS drive and backup my 3 other DAW sample/audio drives. I keep all the drives at another location so even if a 747 crashes down on my house (and assuming I wasn't home at the time) I can buy another DAW and restore it to a pre-747-destruction-state.
    "I would rather compose than decompose."

    Sean C. Dockery

    Cubase 5, Komplete 6, Alchemy, PLAY, Vienna Instruments, Spectrasonics, and much more

    INTEL|CORE I7 980X 3.33G, 12G CORSAIR DDR3, SSD 160G|OCZ for OS.

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