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Topic: So what synths do people recommend

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    So what synths do people recommend

    From the messages in this forum, it seems that most people are besotted with Omnisphere - I know I am. It is one of the nicest pieces of software I have used; interface, program operations and data management are beautifully integrated - and don't get me started on the sounds it makes!

    BUT... are you people using other synths as well, and if so which ones and why? I find I need a drumtrack creator and someone has recommended Toontrack DFH EZ Drummer. Is this a good choice or should I be looking elsewhere?

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    Re: So what synths do people recommend

    Get Superior 2 straight away or Addictive drums.
    You'll be wanting more freedom with adjusting everything and basic ez drummer, even though it sounds great, doesn't offer that freedom.
    Besides it's only about 100 € more and you'll get much more with superior or AD.

    I have ez drummer and AD both. I'm now using only AD for drums.

    For piano tracks I'm using Pianoteq (www.pianoteq.com) good sounding modelled piano, very fast to load and easy on cpu.
    Feels so odd that people are using 50gb libraries for a piano when you can have this 15mb plugin.

    Camelaudio Alchemy.
    Alchemy and Omnisphere are my synths of inspiration at the moment.

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    Re: So what synths do people recommend

    Without sounding like a Spectrasonics junkie Stylus RMX,Atmosphere and Trilogy are absolutely essential. If you are in PT land Strike ia worth looking at.


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    Re: So what synths do people recommend

    One of the few synths in my collection that has survived the steamrolling Omni apocalypse is the Korg Mono/Poly. An extremely versatile synth with unique architecture. In pianos I like Piano Teq's rival, True Pianos.

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    Re: So what synths do people recommend

    Interesting and helpful as always. Thank you all. I will have a look at the Camel Audio synth and Addictive Drums.

    Sadly, I don't know where PT Land is, but if I ever get there I will look up Strike - if only I knew what Strike was

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    Re: So what synths do people recommend

    Stylus RMX and Trilogy (soon trillian) are great additions to the Spectrasonics line.

    Check out the Native instruments line of synths. I have Kore 2 + Komplete 5 and I love it. Kontakt is essential to me, and Kore is getting more and more uses in my setup. Reaktor is insane, but is way over my head ATM. Battery is the perfect compliment to stylus IMO. It will do everything I can't do in Stylus, except for "natural drums". FM 8 is the only FM synth I've tried, which didn't leave me absolutly cold. Absynth is a bit of a let down, when you have Omnisphere, but it does some nice gritty soundscapes and pads (I haven't really used that one a lot). Akustic pianos are nice, but I like my sampletekk pianos better. Pro 53 is old, and irritating, but has a nice VA sound. B4 is a nice organ plug, but I'm not an organ fan. Elektrik piano is a let down. It is a great product.

    I have just invested in the platinium edition of Infinte player by Sounds reality, and that is a good drum rompler, but it's really new, so I can't say too much about it yet. It sounds really good though.....

    Other stuff in my folder for nice synth sounds of different genres are ImpOscar, Zebra 2 and Helix. All three of them has a great character.

    If you want more atmospheric stuff with a twist, then check out HG fortune's stuff or Artvera's Golden ASET.

    ...uh BTW PT=Pro Tools....

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    Re: So what synths do people recommend

    the only synth that are getting any love around here since the coming of Omni
    are the G-Media ones and a couple of NIs like FM8 and Massive.
    but if i had to choose just one the decision would be easy...........

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