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Topic: Perspective View Problem

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    Perspective View Problem

    I just noticed that when I load up the Player perspective (on the new 1.02 beta update) that the perspective view does not show the player animation. THe image just freezes on the distant view of the side of the piano.

    I also have the Classic and Stage Side perspectives loaded and they look fine.

    Anyone else see this?

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    Re: Perspective View Problem

    No problem here... it animates just fine on loading all perspectives.

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    Re: Perspective View Problem


    FWIW I'm using the beta 1.02 downloaded from Jeff H's site, and I also have experienced the various perspective views not behaving correctly – not all the time, but definitely at random times it shows the wrong view. For instance, my default view (this is in the Professional standalone version on WinXP Pro) is Under The Lid, which initially loads correctly. If I then pull up the player perspective, it rotates to the Classic view(!). However, if I continue down the list, the Side View loads correctly, Classic view also loads correctly, and if I then go back to the player view, it then loads correctly(!) Go figure ...I'm sure they'll get it sorted out. Just wanted to let the original poster know he's not alone in noticing this anomaly.

    One other thing: I am delighted to see that someone has had the good sense to put the topmost C key back on the visual depiction of the keyboard. It was missing heretofore. Don't know who could have missed that, or why they left it out, but having the authorized Steinway library with just 87 of the 88 keys showing onscreen just never did seem right. Glad it's back in place.

    Bob V

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    Re: Perspective View Problem

    Well, I just loaded the Player Perspective once last night and didn't notice anything unusual. I'll try randomly loading perspectives again tonight.

    One thing, though: if you look at the keyboard thingy at the lower part of the GUI, the keys stay pressed down even after note off with the sustain pedal down. Didn't notice this before the update.

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