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Topic: New to GPO

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    New to GPO

    Being a relatively new member to GPO (couple of weeks), I really have to invest in a better computer, but until then, I am starting with small works (1-4 nstruments) which enables me to concentrate more on the structure and melodic parts with exact precision. This also allows for a greater understanding of how GPO does and doesn't work - it's not too bad if a solo piece goes wrong, but it would be a total nightmare if it were an entire orchestra.

    Finally, I would just like to add that the service you offer is truly outstanding, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn if this product puts a few orchestras out of business. Just think, GPO at the proms - it would sure be cheaper for the BBC.

    Thanks everyone

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    Re: New to GPO

    Hey Welcome aboard. GPO really is great, I've been using it for a few years and I still prefer it over all the other products I use by a long shot. Not only is it a solid product but the service is great and this forum is really helpful! No doubt you will find quick answers to any problems should you ever run into any!


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    Smile Re: New to GPO

    Hi Chris,

    Now that I've finished one piece using Sibelius 5 (piano & violin - complete with expression and dynamics etc), any tips on how to control them as best as possible?

    Many thanks


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    Re: New to GPO

    Welcome, Peter. Yes, GPO is really great. For quality and cost, it is probably impossible to beat.

    I (and many others) get good results using it with Sonar or other sequencer because we find that a good sequencer provides the best control. I also use Sibelius, but strictly as a notational program, for which it is well designed. But for composing, basic entry, arranging, editing, etc, I simply can not achieve satisfactory results with Sibelius. As I type, I can already hear some opposition from those who work differently. If you can achieve your desired results using just Sibelius, that is good, as it saves the cost of an additional program. Just be aware that there exist another (possibly better) way of achieving good results. I expect that there will be some comments and comparisons here soon.


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    Re: New to GPO

    I have Cubasis 4 and some other Steinberg program (can't remember it's name as I've only installed it once - then removed - hiding in its package somewhere in the dark recesses of my work space). I'm a bit clueless when it comes to using sequencers, seems as though you have to have a doctorate 'studio engineer' to use them.

    Could someone suggest a beginners guide for dummies - even the help menu and demo songs provided by Cubasis 4 seem too complicated.

    BTW, I have managed to record a few numbers using just GPO and Sibelius, but there is a lack of consistency between the pieces. Also, having only one speaker probably doesn't help.

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    Re: New to GPO

    There are places out there that can help.

    First and foremost, Cubasis should have a tutorial accessible from the Help menu. Try that first.

    Here's an old thread, where somebody posted a tutorial on using Cubasis 4 with Studio. The interfacing with GPO will be different, but it also shows how to use Cubasis.

    And of course, there's the official GPO in Cubasis page:

    If you need information on MIDI, you can find it many places online. Here's a nice summary:

    If you want a detailed treatment of it, Cakewalk has a VERY nice detailed description of MIDI music and how to create it with your computer.

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