Ok, I was playing with VotA tonight, just running some of my midi files through Sonar hearing what different bands would sound like if they were acapella (quite interesting, I must say!)

Anyways, I\'m using MC oh MOD C1-C#! , and running 4 or 5 midi tracks through it, and at one point there\'s a slight background noise that sounds like either crickets or a coach\'s whistle blowing. (If you think about it, they both sound kinda the same. ) If anyone wants, I can email them a 20 second MP3 I captured with GS. The noise seems to occur when there\'s a buildup. (Now, I\'m no professional, I\'m just having fun here.) It\'s kinda frustrating, because it doesn\'t seem to be any clicks or pops or anything that Giga users seem to experience (and I\'ve got a pretty hefty system running.)

If someone can help me out, I\'d greatly appreciate it.