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Topic: Omni Sound Glitch

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    Omni Sound Glitch

    Auditioning the new 1.03 set of sounds (blown away - btw) and was wondering if anyone else could confirm the following:
    All the patches starting with "Electrocinema" are peaking my cpu meter, even just playing one note. To the point of digital distortion making them un-useable.
    I lowered the voice count to 1 (was 3 originally) , shut off the fx (not a lot going on there)
    and still have the problem. I can turn off the arpeggiator and that fixes the problem but just wondering if it's just me.
    I'm running Cubase 4 and running only Omni.

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    Re: Omni Sound Glitch

    Same here, there are actually a few doing the same.
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    Re: Omni Sound Glitch

    Hi..I'll check that out..I have had quite a few new ones do this..They use just the waveforms and not soundsources..One note and I can't use it..Also some of the patches are just WAY over the top in regards to level,which makes auditioning sounds a real drag..JON

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    Re: Omni Sound Glitch

    Tried all "Electrocinema..." - no problems here, max CPU around 20% of 1 core.

    Q6600, WinXP32, Sonar + energyXT, 256 samples buffer size @44.1kHz


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    Re: Omni Sound Glitch

    If you have issues like this, please let tech support know your system configuration and the specifics of what sounds and circumstances are causing this.

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