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Topic: Help!!!!

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    Hey, sorry for being so uninformative. First, let me explain that I wanted to play a composition on my yamaha p1-20 which is connected to my Imac with a midi interface cable. I have sibilius, logic, and the GPO installed. I don't know how to use any o these applications though.

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    Re: Help!!!!

    You get me tickets to the races at Talladega and I'll help you out. LOL

    Just kidding.

    Hold on and someone here will help you get it up and running.

    What kind of computer system , what make of controller/keyboard, and sequencing software do you have?
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    Re: Help!!!!

    Hello, rhy2damax

    My first reaction - !!!!!! --

    My second reaction--Your question would require volumes, shelves of books for a full reply. It's square one time, and I'm glad you're here, and that someone apparently gifted you with GPO.

    I suggest you start online, with a tutorial like this which I quickly Googled up for you:


    It explains what MIDI is. That's the first step.

    Plenty more information is online, but I also suggest a trip to your local library. Check out arm loads of books. You'll find many volumes there with the info you need.

    You're starting on a huge adventure and you'll get impatient and want to jump to being a Master of what this all is - but it simply takes time, and a lot of it.

    You have GPO - you'll need a good sound card, a good music program to use GPO in, I would recommend a keyboard, though you can get by with a mouse, many people do.

    But nothing will make sense to you until you start getting a grasp on what it's all about.

    Go check that link out above--Like I said, it'll be a start.

    And completely check out this site and "http://www.personalorchestra.com"--Tutorials and examples abound--they'll just be a bit advanced until you get past Square One.

    See you here again---Do some reading first!

    Randy B.

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