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Topic: Omnisphere 1.0.3f issues - poor sound quality

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    Unhappy Omnisphere 1.0.3f issues - poor sound quality

    I just updated from 1.0.2d to 1.0.3f on a Mac Pro Intel dual core 2.66GHz/4GB (Tiger 10.4.11) running the latest patches in Logic Pro 7.2.

    Prior to the update, my experience of Omnisphere was that it was a flawless instrument - perfect sound quality, and no issues. ARP sequences blended well from note to note and I discovered no problematic patches (no noise, hiss, odd filter behavior, etc.). Working with this instrument has been a dream come true.

    I feel much less comfortable after the update, however, as I have already found a couple of problem patches, as well as ARP issues. I don't know if the problems are with the patches themselves or with the 1.0.3f engine. My sole reason for updating was the new patches, but I wish I had waited. Now I have that sick feeling as my favorite instrument is suffering from sound quality problems that rule out using a number of sounds in a composition. Though Omnisphere is a new instrument, I am already "entrenched" with Omnisphere as I have used it on a finished work, and am using it in a number of works in progress.

    Again, I had no issues with ARP patches before, and I see that this very issue is in the list of fixes. The fix seems to have had the reverse effect in my case.

    Issues I have found:

    (All of my tests were running Omnisphere as a single instance, with just one track in Logic, with nothing that would interfere with a valid test. As I said, I had no issues with Omnisphere before the update.)

    Some ARP patches don't start properly or the timing seems off. The timing sometimes falters when switching from one single note to another in time with the ARP rhythm.

    Problem patches in particular:

    Dramasweeper Trance Lead: There are some clicks that echo, plus some fuzz, mostly on the left.

    Gates of the Secret City 2: Has some small short duration pops.

    One of the pre-1.0.3f voice patches that I had arpeggiated behaves differently in a song I am working on. It's going to require some edits. This makes me nervous as one of the patches was a core component to a recently completed work. I'll need to go back and test it within Logic.

    I submitted this to Spectrasonics tech support on Tuesday morning and received a reply on Thursday simply asking me to submit a Logic session file. My question was unanswered and it is this:

    Q: Is it possible to downgrade to 1.0.2d by simply re-running its installer? I understand that the newer patches will not load. It would be nice to be able to implement an exclusion search filter in this case to search for non-1.0.3 patches.

    Other questions:

    Q: What will happen if I accidentally select a 1.0.3 patch after downgrading? Will it simply not load, or will something more dire occur?

    Q: Is this a problem with the update to the module itself (the engine), or are these just bad patches that didn't get QC'd? If the problem is with the engine then the downgrade is well worth the tradeoff for now.

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    Re: Omnisphere 1.0.3f issues - poor sound quality

    Before you assume it's the engine, you should ask others if they are experiencing the same problem. If not, then it is specific to your system.

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    Re: Omnisphere 1.0.3f issues - poor sound quality

    Not having any issues here. Not sure if this will work but try reinstalling the updates.
    MacBook Pro 17-inch 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB memory Mac OS X (10.6.2) Logic Pro 9, G-Tech Raid 2 1TB/Lacie HD, RME Fireface 400, Axiom 25, Voices Of Passion, Goliath, Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Symphonic Chiors, Silk, R.A., Storm Drums 2, Stylus RMX, Peak Pro,Trilian, and Omnisphere.


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    Re: Omnisphere 1.0.3f issues - poor sound quality

    At first there were no issues. Then I experimented some and with the Arppegiator turned on I loaded a patch that had 1 layer so I added another and kept the Arppegiator turned on. I started getting a lot of distortion (crackling and stuff). No matter which soundsource I tried to load as layer B I kept getting the crackles. Then I loaded another whole patch and it was gone.
    Maybe I did something I was not supposed to.

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    Re: Omnisphere 1.0.3f issues - poor sound quality

    I had serious interference on one patch - I can't remember which - but I assumed it was my inadequate equipment.

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    Re: Omnisphere 1.0.3f issues - poor sound quality

    A library and plug-in as large as Omnisphere has millions of potential conflicts that can arise with all the various systems out there.

    If you run into any issues with specific sounds on your system, just let us know your information and we can address it either in the software or in the sound library.

    And yes, you can always go back to previous versions if you like.

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    Re: Omnisphere 1.0.3f issues - poor sound quality

    Hi all,

    Found this thread via google and just wanted to add my frustrations! The problem for me is definitely not sound quality, but the timing / latency of all apr patches on my system. My specs:

    Mac Pro 8 core 3Ghz, 12GB RAM, RME FF800, Logic 8.0.2. Leopard 10.5.6.

    The problem for me is trying to play an arp patch in time when the project is running. It's a bit like that game where the heads pop up and you have to try and hit them with your mallet. Getting it right is difficult not to mention frustrating! There appears to be a rather large latency before the patches sound (both autoload and preview). If I paste the notes into the piano roll they playback fine, but trying to record is a bit painful at the moment. It works but you just feel you have to hit the notes just before the beat to get it right. I have bunches of plugin synths with arps that trigger fine so it's not a system latency issue.

    Cheers all.

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    Re: Omnisphere 1.0.3f issues - poor sound quality

    Not experiencing that latency issue with Arps here at all on a similar system.

    Please contact tech support....it sounds like something specific to your system.


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    Re: Omnisphere 1.0.3f issues - poor sound quality

    Thanks very much for the reply!

    Going to check the setup page to make sure everything is okay there before I contact support, although I'm not entirely sure how much influence this will have on the arp patches playback.


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