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Topic: Full-length Garritan Steinway CD

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    Full-length Garritan Steinway CD

    Dear all,

    The final sound-tweaking (EQ and such) took me longer than I expected, but I have now finished a full-length piano CD, recorded with the GAS.

    The CD is entitled Den Haag (the Dutch name of my native town The Hague). The track list is as follows:

    1. Body and soul 5.46
    (Johnny Green)
    2. Prelude to a kiss 3.40
    (Duke Ellington)
    3. New old age 6.36
    (John Taylor)
    4. A space oddity 6.12
    (David Bowie)
    5. Wheeling stranger 10.22
    6. Lambent 5.20
    7. Resurrection man 4.13
    8. Mr Bley 7.06
    (Jeroen van Vliet)
    9. Wintersweet 5.38
    10. Asides 6.42

    Total time 61.35

    Compositions are by me, except as noted. Earlier versions of some of the pieces were posted on this forum.

    If you wish, you can buy the CD for a mere $7.50; simply send an email to mindset at tiscali dot nl. Meanwhile, you can listen to the teaser at:


    and have a look at the CD cover at


    Best wishes,

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    Senior Member bigears's Avatar
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    Re: Full-length Garritan Steinway CD

    Hi Jan, The teaser shows this to be a smooth and mellow CD of some standards and your own compositions. I have sent an e-mail and look forward to hearing your work on the keys. Good luck with this CD!
    Who is the statue of in the photograph?
    Regards, John

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    Re: Full-length Garritan Steinway CD

    Many congratulatons on the CD, Jan! May I wish
    you every success with it.

    I've heard some of the pieces previously in the
    forum, of course, and was impressed with your work:
    People will certainly be getting their money's worth
    with this -- over an hour of superbly written, beautifully
    played, well recorded material.


    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Full-length Garritan Steinway CD

    They all sound great.

    Nice music to relax to or meditate on.


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    Re: Full-length Garritan Steinway CD

    Dear John, David and Phil,

    Many thanks for the kind words! The statue is of William of Orange. I do hope that my music bears at least some attentive listening, in addition to relaxation .


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    Senior Member bigears's Avatar
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    Re: Full-length Garritan Steinway CD

    Hi Jan, I received my copy of your CD yesterday and am now listening to the last couple of your fine original compositions. "Lambent" , "Wheeling Stranger", and "Wintersweet" are just sublime. Your take on "A Space Oddity" is great too.
    You really show the dynamic range of the Steinway off on that one.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful music which I will be listening to for a long time, (there's a lot to absorb).

    I can wholeheartedly recommend this CD to the members of the forum who enjoy jazzy piano and expertly crafted compositions. Thanks! John

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    Re: Full-length Garritan Steinway CD

    I'm glad you're enjoying the CD, John, and thanks for recommending it!

    Best wishes,

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