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Topic: Jordan Rudess Omnisphere Video

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    Jordan Rudess Omnisphere Video

    Just posted some new Omnisphere videos for you guys. :-)

    Check out some of Jordan's amazing performances with Omnisphere from NAMM 2009:


    It's Episode 9 at the bottom of the page:


    There's also an enhanced audio version of my Sonic State NAMM demo of Omnisphere's new patches too:




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    Re: Jordan Rudess Omnisphere Video

    Eric, I said this elsewhere as well, but thanks for the Rudess video. Seeing it in person was great, but there were a couple of things in these videos that I don't remember. Cheers!

    Although I'm still pretty sure that not all the Rudess patches are in there. I think the ones I'm talking about must be his personal collection. I don't mean to harp on this topic since you already answered. But at the show he had an entire category in the browser's first box with his name. And there were dozens of patches with his initials. So maybe I'm hoping for the impossible, that he would release his personal patches! Unless he just renamed his favorites and did some tweaking. Sorry, I'll stop asking about those now!


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    Re: Jordan Rudess Omnisphere Video

    Great Video...loved it.
    What's the patch that he's using at 5:47? Do we have that?

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    Re: Jordan Rudess Omnisphere Video

    Whoa, I'm not familiar with that dude but he was playing the hell out that thing. That was amazing, the frame rate of the camera wasn't even keeping up

    That video was real cool because he takes some patches that I would probably pass on initially and is able to do something really interesting with them with the way he plays them. Nice!

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    Re: Jordan Rudess Omnisphere Video

    Anyone know what the patch was he described as a 'Guitar and bass patch' 4:20 - 5:30. May have been a patch consisting of 2 layers, a guitar and a synth, or may have been a multi, consisting of a few layers, I'm not sure. I was beautiful as he said.

    If it wasn't for my slow browser problem I could probably find a couple of suitable soundsources myself, but its too laborious a 5-10 second wait before the browser frees itself each time.

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    Re: Jordan Rudess Omnisphere Video

    Quote Originally Posted by RodStaples View Post
    Anyone know what the patch was he described as a 'Guitar and bass patch' 4:20 - 5:30.
    That's a patch called "Glorious Guitars" (I believe he says "guitar-based", not bass), and it caused me a cold cup of coffee - because I had to try it after Eric posted that on KVR . (so never pour yourself some coffee or other hot beverages before opening Omni )


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