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Topic: Christmas "slee bells" sound / instrument

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    Christmas \"slee bells\" sound / instrument

    Hi all,

    I am wondering what the name is of that typical christmas bells intruments, like in every Christmas hit (Mariah Carey, Beach Boys) as well as Home Alone, Harry Potter (tr 12 and 6, second part), etc.,

    AND... if it is included in some sample library... (maybe freeware?)

    (yeah, I know Christmas is over...)



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    Re: Christmas \"slee bells\" sound / instrument

    Do you mean Sleigh Bells?

    There\'s an excellent patch on Roland\'s Orchestral Expansion board.


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    Re: Christmas \"slee bells\" sound / instrument

    Probably, sounds the same as we pronounce it in Holland. I\'ll do some Googling around with it.

    Can\'t use or access Roland stuff, though.

    Thanks, professor!

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    Re: Christmas \"slee bells\" sound / instrument

    Advanced Orchestra (if I am not mistaken) also have sleigh bells.

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    Re: Christmas \"slee bells\" sound / instrument

    not in my AO version for GS, I now know the name of the \"thing\", so I guess I\'ll be able to find something more.

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    Re: Christmas \"slee bells\" sound / instrument

    vrsound percussion has sleigh bells. http://www.vrsound.com/GS/Sleigh_Bells.mp3

    1 instrument, 30 binaural samples.

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