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Topic: Moving Omni to Audio drive NOT successful

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    Moving Omni to Audio drive NOT successful

    Hey there - anyone have an idea for me short of 'reinstalling' this HUGE library (takes 4.5 hours)

    Without thinking I originally installed this to the default location (start up drive). Thinking about it AFTER the fact I should have installed this on my audio sample drive

    In any case I spoke to a Tech at Spectrasonics which recommended this (I'd call him back but it is Sat)

    " move the STEAM folder to my samples drive - make a 'shortcut' of the folder - rename the 'shortcut to STEAM' to just 'STEAM' and put THAT shortcut where I originally installed it."

    Unfortunately - when I did this I had some error message that said certain things could not be found in the 'core library' (interesting though Omni did open within Cubase.) I am on XP

    Thanks for any help.
    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Moving Omni to Audio drive NOT successful


    Not sure where STEAM gets installed by default in windows, if it's C:\ then put your steam shortcut there. If it's c:\spectrasonics then put it there and try again. Omnisphere (and RMX for that matter) will still launch even if the core libraries can't be found.


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    Re: Moving Omni to Audio drive NOT successful

    Hi Tim - Yea - totally can see where it was installed - moved it from c drive (to d drive) and then made a shortcut and put it back where it was on the c drvie.

    Got that part ok - it just says I am missing patches, etc.

    I have it back on the c drive now - so I can work today - have no problem reinstalling it if I need to (tonight).

    If I reinstall do I just trash the spectronics/steam folder? (I don't see this in 'add/remove' programs?

    Hoping I don't have to reinstall but........
    Rob Elliott Music

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