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Topic: Who is using XSample here ?

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    Who is using XSample here ?

    Who on this forum is using samples from the XSample series?

    You never hear anyone about this library on NS... and in my opinion it has some absolutely great samples! Esp. the woodwinds! Very playable (super-tight attacks), enough velocity layers and many fx.

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    Re: Who is using XSample here ?

    I use the woodwinds and strings.

    The violin is great for layering with DD and Vitous solo vl, for small chamber sound: it adds p-m-f Xfade (need EQ). For solo: No vibrato samples (LFO = yuk), only useful for baroque style. Ensemble = layered different samples of solo vl, which I have used a lot over the past year, but sounds very similar to GOS NV. I layer them + EQ to produce a credible baroque period sound. I am still waiting for a really decent solo violin library with p m f samples.

    Nice bassoon. The Oboe and E.horn sound nice for solos, but odd when doubling violins, and I have gone back to using the oboes on the Roland SRJV80 expansion card for this. I have not had the courage to splash out on the DD wind set - in case they are no better than the XSample. How does DD compare? Worth risking divorce over?

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    Re: Who is using XSample here ?

    I believe XSample don\'t have a flute? Can\'t find it on http://www.xsample.de

    I like the demo of Vol 12, solo clarinet, bass clarinet. It\'s however again the more exotic playing styles that are used to impress the prospective buyer...

    Don\'t care so much for a basset horn; a pity the instruments can\'t be purchased individually, like Worra\'s BOB an Dan Dean\'s WW + brass.

    The harp and contrabassoon samples remind me of \"Fluffy\", track 14 of Harry Potter. I like them. Has anyone ever compared this XSample harp with Gary\'s harp?



    PS: there a few wrong links on the XSample site. The Oboe demo takes you to the mallet section...

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    Re: Who is using XSample here ?

    I haven\'t had a chance to hear Garys Harp, but I do know the Xsample harp is FANTASTIC!

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    Re: Who is using XSample here ?

    Xsample harp is fabulous.

    Its the classic, \"does this mix well with others\" syndrome with Gary\'s and Xsample. Gary\'s is a great solo instrument but holds too much focus in a mix and therefore requires too much work to calm it down.

    Alas, these are the GigaSampler growing pains.


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    Re: Who is using XSample here ?

    thanks for all the positive feedback!
    We are working on a volume with Flute, Piccolo and Alto Flute.



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    Re: Who is using XSample here ?

    Hello Hans-Josef,

    Great news!!
    The existing XSample woodwinds are fantastic and the flute family is the only woodwind still missing!


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    Re: Who is using XSample here ?


    I\'m using xSample clarinets (vol.12), and they are great!! Only thing I don\'t like is that I don\'t have as much velocity layers as Dan Dean Woodwinds (which I don\'T have, but I read the review)


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    Re: Who is using XSample here ?


    I have a question about the
    X Sample Series.I`m thinking of loading
    the X Sample Series Library in to my
    Roland XV-5080 Sound Module.
    Is this possible ? It can convert
    Akai S1000 & S3000 format.

    By the way I was thinking of buying the
    CD`s with the woodwind`s in it.

    I heard the DemoCD and I thought
    the Oboe and the Basson`s were
    great!! Also I love the Harp too.
    I`m looking foward to the flute
    library too.

    Thank you for reading!


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    Re: Who is using XSample here ?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Damon:
    I haven\'t had a chance to hear Garys Harp, but I do know the Xsample harp is FANTASTIC! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Same here: Haven\'t tried the Garritan harp but I have the Xsample and it is lovely (and you get a few other excellent samples included).

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