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Topic: Problems Moving From GS3 to Machfive 2 with Sibelius

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    Problems Moving From GS3 to Machfive 2 with Sibelius

    I have recently switched from Gigastudio to Machfive 2. I switched from GS to M52 because GS is being discontinued and M52 is compatible with Vista 64 bit and has better cross-platform functionality. Please don't tell me this was a big mistake!

    Previously in Gigastudio 3 I loaded all my samples into the console that I was using for a score (stac, sus samples from things like the Vienna Symphonic Library) and allocated each samples a bank and patch number which I then used to trigger in Sibelius via the text dictionary settings (i.e. "Flu.Sus" triggers Bank 5, Patch 1 and "Flu.Sta triggers Bank 5, Patch 2). Happy days.

    Now I have Machfive 2 and I'm confused. What I want to do is be able to switch between different samples and different samples from different instruments in a single Sibelius instrument/stave (i.e. flute doubling with piccolo but with different samples for stac, sus, trills, flutter etc). I'm assuming I can't do anything with bank or patch settings but that there might be another way using layers/key switching? Machfive 2 doesn't seem to work in the same way in being able to allocate samples bank or patch numbers.

    Can someone steer me in the right direction on this? I'd really appreciate ANY help you guys can give me. I'm starting to think I would have been better off with GS4.



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    Talking Re: Problems Moving From GS3 to Machfive 2 with Sibelius

    The functionality is there. You can load multiple sample patches in M5 2's various lanes and assign them to the same MIDI channel, then you can further alter the control using key switch and layer changes. It's in the manual. Dig in.

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