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Topic: Omnisphere is incredible

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    Thumbs up Omnisphere is incredible

    Hats off to you Eric and all the people at Spectrasonics. This instrument is a monster to say the least. Years and years of sounds to entice the creative mood. Also would like to mention the great customer support along with incredible updates, some free and some dirt cheap. Spectrasonics is a class act for others to follow not to mention names, but you know who. This instrument installed, launched and plays with not one glitch with latest updates.My system, Asus P5Q P45 chipset, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, 2 little gigs of ram, 3 fast hard drives, Windows XP Pro SP3. It motors and it sounds awesome. Again, thank you Spectrasonics for these new weapons of mast music and lets make music instead of war. All the best.

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    Re: Omnisphere is incredible

    Great!!! :-)

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    Re: Omnisphere is incredible

    I am an Atmosphere user. I have a PC dedicated to VST's and a PC dedicated to Giga. I recently switched to Logic for Midi programming on a Mac.

    One thing that slows me down with Atmosphere is that it does not seem to accept MIDI program changes from Logic. Does Omnisphere accept MIDI program changes?

    I apologize if this question was recently posted.


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    Re: Omnisphere is incredible

    Yes....you can use Program Changes in Live Mode.

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    Re: Omnisphere is incredible

    I have to say, this synth is a work of art in itself. I have to hand it to Eric and the team, have produced something really incredible. That's how I feel having worked extensively with it for two months now.

    There are some amazing new patches, which I've managed to find time to try out over the last couple of days. In fact the only reason Its taken this long to try them is I've been in the studio recording a new album (with Omnisphere used on every track btw).

    We all know the amazing library of sound sources are at the heart of this amazing instrument (and what I've been using exclusively up till now), but actually Omi has a really great sounding synth too. I thought I'd try programming up a rich soft pad from scratch, just to see if Omni could do it (its my usual acid test of a synth). In just a few minutes I had great results. I can't think of any other synth where I'd get that result so fast starting from a raw waveform.

    The fact that its taken me this long to even try the synth section shows just how absolutely incredible the sound source library is!

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    Re: Omnisphere is incredible

    I just got Omnisphere this week and wanted to add my praises to what others have already said here.

    First, I’ve been thinking about how patient and diligent Eric has been all this time. I can recall more than a few posts of people basically writing him off - or accusing him of resting on his laurels from software of days gone by. Software that has proven its longevity, I might add.

    And I was thinking how when I got my mac pro a few months ago how strange those “ancient” Trilogy install CDs looked, particularly as I put them into that shiny new machine. And as I patched the intel-mac wrapper, I kind of shook my head wondering, doubting (and though Omnisphere had just been released, I didn’t quite see its relevance for me at the time - go figure).

    So enter Omnishpere this week (a combination of the NAMM videos and a coupon from my local music store convinced me), and even though I really couldn’t afford it, clearly it has proven to be something I couldn’t afford to live without. It’s worked magic on several projects (an incidental tip I chanced to pick up from another forum about combining string patches with other libraries piqued my interest). And like so many that have stated as much here, I’ve been playing patches non stop for days, both creating in ways I haven’t before, while discovering endless sonic possibilities that just don’t exist anywhere else. For me, the organic qualities at the core of the sampling is what makes this the most pliable, versatile, and compelling softsynth in recent memory (though calling it a softsynth seems to limit somehow).

    No doubt Eric has been steadily plugging away at this vision, and his apparent belief in this product which, quite honestly, I think deserves all the accolades it is receiving. I had dismissed so much of this as hype, only to find that it truly is the product of the year. But now I see that this really is different and more compelling than anything out there, and, in my opinion, an obvious standard for studio work, from composers to synth aficionados, for years to come.

    I’m just plain thrilled with what this can do, from its infinitely pliable use of organic sampling and granular synthesis, to everything else in between. It’s also one of the most thought-out and pleasing GUI’s in a while (I got right into it), with the organic-retro thing that, along with the design, makes it feel like you’re reaching for something tangible when loading patches or adding FX. I was surprised to find the visualizer extremely practical for spectral analysis (not just cool to look at).

    Well, I’m lapsing into a review here, but I had to add my voice to the praises. I salute Eric for his vision and commitment to patiently working through this for as long as he has - and taking the criticisms in stride. It’s been more than worth the wait, and with the Steam engine now a reality, I can’t wait to see the other byproducts of these efforts, including Trillian.


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    Re: Omnisphere is incredible

    LOL, re your Trilogy comments I concur! I just switched from a PC to a new MacPro and had to install Trilogy and the wrapper. Yuk! Certainly the install DVDs do look older, and although the wrapper works (thanks to a super little Cubase installation video from Eric), I can't wait for Trilogy's replacement in May. Omnisphere, on the other hand, seems light years ahead, and the sound and its performance are superb. Started playing it again after loading it, and two hours later I looked at the clock and had no idea where I was or where the time had gone. My faith in Spectrasonics products and Eric and his team remains unshakable. Cheers......................playz
    Cubase 7.0.3, Wavelab 7.1, Omnisphere, Trilian, Stylus RMX, Symphobia 1 & 2 , all Spitfire libraries, LASS 2, Requiem Pro, Voxos, Superior Drummer 2, Komplete 8, Cinematic Guitars, most EW libraries, Chris Hein Horns, Guitar & Bass, 2.8 GHz Mac Pro, 18 GB RAM, OS 10.6.8, RME Multiface II + HDSP PCIe

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    Re: Omnisphere is incredible

    Quote Originally Posted by playz123 View Post
    LOL, re your Trilogy comments I concur! I just switched from a PC to a new MacPro and had to install Trilogy and the wrapper. Yuk!
    Yeah, at the time I thought to myself "they've got to be kidding!" But I had become so reliant on Trilogy for so long, what could you do? Besides, I recall some intel-mac users not even having the wrapper option for a while, so I can't complain. Both Omnisphere and the generous upgrade to Trillian underscore the kind of company and product that Eric is all about.

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