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Topic: SmartAV Tango videos showing Nuendo/Cubase integration

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    SmartAV Tango videos showing Nuendo/Cubase integration

    A quick FYI - for anyone that's wondering what I've been up to lately...

    I just posted some Tango videos showing Nuendo/Cubase integration, which I've been working on for some time. Bear in mind - they are *not* streaming videos - but should be downloaded and played locally on your own machine. They were shot in HD and I encoded them to a pretty generous 720p data rate. At 4+ minutes per clip, the file sizes are *not* trivial. You should use the "Save Link As..." or like feature in your web browser.

    Also bear in mind that I encoded these *both* in mp4 and WMV9 formats - if you have QT7 player or other handler that will play back H.264 encoded files - I recommend you grab the mp4 versions of these files since they're smaller.

    Here's the list of vids.

    Nuendo Chapter 1
    Track Selection & Ergonomic Spreads
    mp4 WMV

    Nuendo Chapter 2
    mp4 WMV

    Nuendo Chapter 3
    Transport, Jog & Edit
    mp4 WMV

    Nuendo Chapter 4
    Mix & Control Room
    mp4 WMV

    Cubase Chapter 1
    Transport, Navigation & Zoom
    mp4 WMV

    Cubase Chapter 2
    Rotary Encoders - EQ
    mp4 WMV

    Cubase Chapter 3
    Rotary Encoders - Plugin Control
    mp4 WMV

    These will probably be up on the SmartAV site in a few days. Also, I expect that streaming versions will show up on YouTube via the audioMIDI.com web site - who's the newest US dealer for SmartAV.

    I already see a minor tweak I need to make to one of the Cubase videos for a slight color correction issue that skewed the colors on the opening card (but the rest of the video is fine). If anyone finds an issue with any of the files (save for local download issues), or if you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks!

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    Re: SmartAV Tango videos showing Nuendo/Cubase integration

    The videos are now posted on the SmartAV site - rendered to a smaller frame but it also means a much smaller video file size (all are <20MB).

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    Re: SmartAV Tango videos showing Nuendo/Cubase integration

    FYI - I've published a new round of Tango videos that show off a few new features as well as more integration with Nuendo and Cubase:

    Nuendo Ch5, Extension Bay Basics

    Nuendo Ch6, Edit Panel & Keys in Use

    Cubase Ch4, Edit Panel Programming

    Cubase Ch5, Inserts+ Mode & VSTi Integration
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    Re: SmartAV Tango videos showing Nuendo/Cubase integration

    Very good!
    I love the high quality.

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