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Topic: Tonehammer teaser: Didgeridoo

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    Tonehammer releases: Didgeridoo

    Tonehammer has released: "Didgeridoo"

    The library contains two different Didgeridoos recorded in a variety of ways that allows the user to sculpt their own grooves. The Didge is an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument dating back over 1500 years. The instrument is made from Eucalyptus blogs hollowed out by termites and is widely regarded as one of the oldest woodwind (aerophone) instruments in existence. Tonehammer recorded two different Didges for maximum user flexibility. The first one was is an original Eucaplyptus log and the second one is modern version made from PVC pipes. The library contains over 400MB of sounds and programs contain modwheel controlled timestretching and sample offset options allowing users to get more flexibility out of the samples. We recorded the Didges at two different mic (close/medium) distances and a far mic for our dual-didge FX group.

    Didgeridoo will be priced at $39.



    More information: http://www.tonehammer.com/?p=951
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    Wink Re: Tonehammer teaser: Didgeridoo

    Many thanx really rare instrument I like it..Here is more solo live demohttp://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=BRJmh6...eature=channel


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    Re: Tonehammer teaser: Didgeridoo

    Sounds like it will be a cool product, but there are many ways to play this instrument and maybe you should have sampled a slide didge, that covers an octave, made from plastic and available from slidedidge.com

    F is the favured key among players as it is fast powerful and loud!

    Shakuman, the clip you posted is a very traditional style from North East Arhem Land.

    This is the style that I perfer to play. Western style.


    This is the guy in Amsterdam where I buy my didgeridoos from.


    And now also at Flickr!



    View Simon Fielder's Profile at NorthernSounds.net

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    Re: Tonehammer teaser: Didgeridoo

    Thanks for the constructive feedback. The slide didge looks really interesting and certainly going on our future project list, but for me - the biggest challenge sampling the didge is not the tone. The tone can - to a certain degree - be changed by adjusting pitch. The bigger challenge is sample it in a way that allows users to sculpt rhythms and unique articulations, which is why I added time-stretching and sample offset programs, so you can dig deeper into the library. This library also contains MW controlled sustained notes from p to f - from sustained with no variation to sustained with variation.

    But thanks again for the slide didge. I agree that the higher F tuned didges are amongst the best sounding ones. A little more punchy in the sound.

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    Re: Tonehammer teaser: Didgeridoo

    I know absolutely nothing about didgeridoos, but it seems to me that this demo lacks some of the more aggressive types of articulation - the ones that produce more higher harmonics - I suspect I'm talking about sounds made by humming/shouting into the instrument at the same time as blowing; probably with names like cuckaboora. It sounds like there may be some in the less prominent didge.

    At this price it's still going to be a no-brainer though. The sound quality is fantastic.

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    Re: Tonehammer teaser: Didgeridoo

    Pingu has pointed just how complex this instrument is. There are many vocal sounds that use the high vocal range to project infront of the drone. the are high voice overtones that are used in conjunction with vibrating the tongue, same again with low vocals, but these tend to sit behind the drone more.

    Then there is the use of the diaphragm to push out the air harder to make the drone much punchier, more obvious on keys D and above.

    Animal noises like the Kookaburra, mimc the birds sound by the player going cacacac caca cacaca and raising the pitch towards the end. (Bit like laughing) Dog barks, small dog and large dog. Dingo/fox sound different to dog.

    Then there is the ability to speak through the didgeridoo while still playing the drone and also singing backing vocals etc.

    Tongue overtones done with just the drone can make the didge sound like a synth with the filters being turned up.

    Sorry to get technical, but thought it might be of interest to some.


    And now also at Flickr!



    View Simon Fielder's Profile at NorthernSounds.net

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    Re: Tonehammer teaser: Didgeridoo

    I totally agree with all the points raised here. The Didgeridoo is surprisingly complicated, since its both breath/singing and percussive at the same time allowing you to produce so many complicated sounds. We captured a great deal of different vocal articulations - some of which are used in the demo and some which are not.

    I will create another demo upon release, which hopefully shows more of these sides to the two Didges we recorded. The sustained programs are made by cross fading no-variation notes to variations ones and no-variation (soft, warm sound) to no-variation (harder, edgy sound). In addition there is a great deal of smaller performance samples and I am using sample off set, time stretching and legato scripts to manipulate these in real-time.

    Hope you guys will try it out.

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    Re: Tonehammer teaser: Didgeridoo

    We are 24 hours away from release, so thought I would add another demo from our upcoming Didgeridoo instrument. This demo is completely "naked" meaning that its only using Didgeridoo samples and no other Tonehammer instruments. The piece is using a variety of very short performance sounds that are combined to create phrases, tapping the Didge as perc and some more human-beat-boxy type of FX.


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    Re: Tonehammer teaser: Didgeridoo

    Tonehammer has released: "Didgeridoo"

    Read more here: http://www.tonehammer.com/?p=951

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