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Topic: Using all percussion sounds in Sib 5

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    Using all percussion sounds in Sib 5


    I've been trying to use some GPO percussion in Sibelius 5 lately, but have run into an unfortunate problem. I loaded "Percussion (5 Lines)" in sibelius, which is a full stave (as the name suggests). This automatically set itself to the GPO Basic Orchestra Percussion patch, which is what I wanted. However, I could only play some of the sounds in the patch (snare drum and some timps). If I remember correctly, some notes on the stave didn't even sound. I didn't think this was a problem, however, since I was going to use all seperate instruments instead of the full percussion patch. Individual snares, timpani and bass drum all work fine, but I can't use the cymbals. The Sib5 cymbals instrument has only one line. The instrument is automatically assigned to 'Cymbals' in GPO (again, good), but the only note it plays on its one line is the half-hearted, nothing-too-extreme splashy sound (I'm bad with timbres). Of course, the GPO patch has 15 - 20 different sounds, but I can only play that one. I modified the cymbals in Sib5, making my own cymbals instrument with 5 lines. Still, it would only play the above mentioned sound (on the middle B line of a treble stave). All the other points on the stave would not sound.

    So the question is, how can I use all of the sounds in the GPO 'cymbals' patch with one instrument in Sib 5?

    Sorry my post seems a little rushed, but I haven't got enough time to do everything I need to do today. I also may disappear temporarily, since the dreaded "Thames Streamer" has just begun, meaning I am scheduled to be under several miles of snow. This could make forum access a little tricky.

    Thanks for reading,

    Tom P

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    Re: Using all percussion sounds in Sib 5

    Ye gods! Words cannot describe how much trouble I'm having with this.
    I've gone into the Edit Instruments > Edit staff type.. like you said, but when I'm trying to put a new note in and set it to one sound, it keeps reverting back to another sound when I deselect it. I just managed to get a large gong in so it puts it in the score when I hit G#4 on my keyboard (I'm trying to set it up like in Kontact player - i.e. the same way it says on page 62 of the GPO manual), but when I told it to play the 'Large Gong' sound, it kept going back to medium gong 1. I'm now trying to make medium gong 1, but that keeps setting itself to Tam Tam. I must be doing something wrong here. Could you give me a very brief step by step to get me started (i.e. what to do and in what order when assigning a new note to a sound) or even a print screen?

    The streamer lasted most of the night, and we woke up under half a foot of snow, but that's just the beginning. This afternoon we've got another snow storm (which I think is meant to be bigger) coming over from Belgium. Hopefully, I'll still be able to keep in contact - I'm not sure if the internet is so easily affected, but our phone lines have been bad today.

    Tom P

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    Re: Using all percussion sounds in Sib 5

    Aha! Success... almost.

    I got it all working after I managed to work out the Actual Name/Name Displayed issues for the first few (thanks for that!).

    One last thing, I take it that I'll have to create a new instrument based on 'Cymbals' and call it something like 'Cymbals GPO', since when I closed Sibelius and opened it again, the cymbals reverted to their former selves. Not really a problem, since I could have arranged the drum map better using more types of noteheads (I only used two, and the notes went several ledger lines above the centre line).

    Thanks very much, Jon. You've been an enormous help.

    Tom P

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    Re: Using all percussion sounds in Sib 5

    I see just what you mean. I'm getting good at this now.

    Thanks again for all your help!

    Tom P

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