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Topic: performance directions in finale 2009?

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    performance directions in finale 2009?

    ive recently got finale 2009 with garritan and i was wondering if its possible to add things like portamento, staccato, rubato, different tonguing?
    ive typed in some music and it is alot better than a midi synth (alot!) but it plays every note in the same way.
    i would like to be able to slightly alter each note so as to make it more reaslistic.
    im a bit of a computer novice to say the least! music technology to me is a pencil and paper, so i really dont know how to use this finale 2009 thingy.

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    Re: performance directions in finale 2009?

    First, check out the articulation menus... thart's always a good place to start!

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    Re: performance directions in finale 2009?

    thanks jaz. ive given that a go. it seems to make a difference but not as much as i wanted really. i will keep trying with it to see if i can get the hang of this articulation menu. fingers crossed.
    ive read about sequencers: you can control the music in more detail with one of these? is that right?

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    Re: performance directions in finale 2009?

    Are you using human playback in Finale? That helps.

    Yes, you can achieve pinpoint control of every note in a sequencer.
    In Finale alone, that level of individual note control is extremely difficult to achieve.
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