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Topic: Omnisphere - How to Restore default multi?

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    Omnisphere - How to Restore default multi?

    I had successfully configured Omnisphere to work with the Novation Nocturn, but was loading the MIDI learn template manually each time.

    I (apparently tried to) follow the directions to create a default multi, so that the MIDI learn template would load automatically each time Omnisphere was run.

    Now the MIDI learn is messed up, and the Novation Nocturn no longer works properly with Omnisphere. I tried clearing the MIDI learn assignments, re-learning, but still no joy,

    In an attempt to get back to the state I was at before creating the default multi, I used Finder to delete the file (Default.mlt_omn) and delete the folder that I had created (I called it Default Multi).

    When I again ran Cubase, and loaded Omnisphere, the folder (category) is still showing up in the multi browser, along with the file. And, you guessed it, the MIDI learn stuff is still messed up.

    So, how to I actually get back to where I was? I essentially want to return to the factory default multi. How do I remove folders (categories) and delete multis from Omnisphere? (Obviously using finder is not the correct method!)

    Thanks so much for any advice.

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    Re: Omnisphere - How to Restore default multi?

    The fastest way to get a good default multi is to use the Multi browser, browse and find a simple multi you like, load it, and save it as the default multi (use "Save Multi" and give it the name "default").

    If you want to get an exact copy of the original factory-supplied default Multi, you can download the latest Patch update and install it.

    Using "Clear Multi" on the utility menu will not help return to the original default, because that just re-loads the default multi.

    Installing a new patch update will install a new default multi, and that will overwrite any default multi you have at that time.

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