When I load the Kontakt Player in Reaper and have Reaper make midi inputs and audio outputs I only get 8 stereo outputs. It makes 16 midi inputs.

I have loaded the 16 output version. I have 16 fader channels in Kontakt, but I only get 8 stereo channels in Reaper.

I also tried it in Tracktion and it is still just 8 stereo outputs.

I can't find the manual that came with the Kontakt Plarer 2 download, but I have VI One and it uses the Player and it's manual says that there is a VST version that has 32 mono (16 stereo) outputs.

I looked in the VST folder on my harddrive and there is an 8 output and a 16 output. There is no 32 output.
The 16 output one is 16 mono (8 stereo).

Am I doing something wrong?
Am I missing the 32 out version?

Is there a way to get the manual? I also can't find the Kontakt download file on any of my backup disks and since I am on dial up I'd rather not have to do a complete download again just for the manual. I don't remember the manual being very in depth anyway.