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Topic: E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup

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    E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup

    I\'ve made a little midi mockup of the flying theme in E.T. It\'s only 500k and 00:23 long.

    The strings are Kirk Hunter. Flutes & Harp are AO.

    You must excuse me if there\'s something wrong with the notes. I don\'t own the printed score, so I was doing this purely based on the track on the CD.

    For comparison you can listen to the original cue here:

    As you can hear, Kirk Hunter\'s strings is the weakest point :/ How do you think it would work with gigastrings? Can someone try layering gigastrings on it?

    Oh and btw, my homepage has been is updated, so if you\'re interested there are a couple of new tracks up on http://home.online.no/~finjaco/ including \"Sunrise in Dragongate\", a heavily mediaventures inspired piece


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    Re: E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup

    Sounds great Thomas! The strings don\'t sound all that bad to me, Gigastrings would probably sound better, but it still sounds great.

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    Re: E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup

    Wow! There you go again. This is simply marvelous. I agree with Damon, the strings sounds damn good - a great ad for Kirk Hunter (I wasn\'t overly impressed with the \'official\' demos.)

    Mind you, I couldn\'t get to the \'real\' page. You\'re sure you didn\'t mix them up
    :-? I wouldn\'t have known this was sampled.
    Wonderful brass.

    Not only does this sound like a real orchestra, it sounds like a real orchestra having a ball.

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    Re: E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup

    Thanks! I spent 2 hours making this mock-up. Williams\' music is NOT as simple as it sounds (This piece has 26 midi channels in use)

    The brass is from my personal library.


    (PS! could anyone with Gigastrings please try and write the melody in violins (doubled in 8va) for me? (I want to hear how it sounds compared to Kirk Hunter) and mix it on top of my mp3? The piece is in 160 bpm.)

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    Re: E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup


    Again great work. I hope someday I have something to trade with you for some brass sounds they are still fantastic!

    I have to say one thing about the strings. I did a quicky mock up of this theme back in the GOS beta period (before legato mode). I have to say I like GOS better. I\'m only saying this to say thank you, not to boast for GOS. I dont have KH, and have questioned how it would sound to me compared to GOS.

    I did post the cue I did some time ago and I\'ll probably repost it if you want. Thing is, I dont have your ear...or your brass . PLus it was pre legato mode so there are \"holes\" which occur from the attack swells. I would definitely go back and do it correctly at some point, but no time right now.

    on a weird note, the cue I did is ALSO 23 seconds long!

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup

    Great KingIdiot! That\'d be very interesting to hear! Please email it to me or something when you have time. I\'m still eager to hear what the GoS strings sound like with hollywood string writing.


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    Re: E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup

    Sounds great! The melody in this section is played by 1st and 2nd Violins, Violas and Cellos in about 3 or 4 octaves. My version which was recorded from the score, used about 50 tracks. Unfortunately, my version doesn\'t have those excellent sounding horns. Love the slides in the french horn part! I used the Kirk Hunter Akai version on my original. Maybe one day I\'ll re-record the strings using GOS.

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    Re: E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup

    What reverb did you use and how long of decay time did you apply? It definitely has a nice hollywood type sound to it.

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    Re: E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup

    Excellent work!

    It just goes to show that if the arrangement is great, things can sound pretty real. This is a great example because the strings at the very beginning don\'t sound at all real, but when everything else is going, suddenly they sound pretty damn good! That amazing brass helps, and those flute runs sound really good as well.


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    Re: E.T - Flying theme Midi Mockup

    Nicey - especially the brass of course The strings sound a bit weak. About the reverb... I think there\'s too much of it. Prolly just too much wet signal, the decay is not too long.

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