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Topic: The Pro's of Advanced Orchestra

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    The Pro\'s of Advanced Orchestra

    I have seen many posts of those still using Advanced Orchestra.

    If you had to compose with AO as an extra library, what sounds would you still use in Advanced Orchestra and why? (looking at the strongpoints of this library.)

    Please share some light on this, its dark in here!


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    Re: The Pro\'s of Advanced Orchestra

    What do you mean STILL using AO?
    AO \"still\" offers great samples!

    If I would use AO as an extension to other libraries, I would use it for the following:

    - Brass swells (AO has great horn and trombone cresc. swells!)
    - French Horns section XFD (nice for long harmonies, to layer with other horns)
    - Solo tuba (for tight, clear sound)
    - Harp glissandi (great for Danny Elfman stuff! )
    - Strings soft sustain patch (only on GIGA version, needs a little tuning though)
    - Cymbals (concert cymbals, just good samples)
    - Tubular Bells
    - Bassdrum cresc. rolls (sound good used in a good mix)
    - Tamtam (pretty well-known samples, use with caution)
    - Flute and other instruments runs and phrases (can sound very musically)

    This is what I would NOT use. Perhaps that\'s interesting as well: AO snares, timpani, most of the strings, woodwind sustains.


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    Re: The Pro\'s of Advanced Orchestra

    I use the timpani but must tune carefully.

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    Re: The Pro\'s of Advanced Orchestra

    I agree with most of the Maarten\'s post and Clueless on the timps.

    Tuba is very nice, indeed. I personnally also like the melow (p) solo trumpet. I also like trumpet and trombone sections for unison lines. I find all Staccato brass terrible.

    I don\'t like most Xfade programs, maybe I still don\'t know to handle them. In the WW they give too much phasing, IMO.

    Picolo is sadly enough only staccato.

    Strings are not very useful (I have GOS now), although I would check the marcato and tremolo programs, they can be useful.

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    Re: The Pro\'s of Advanced Orchestra

    I agree too.

    There has been some AO bashing for a while now on the forum, and in many of the sustains its warranted. But in context, I applaud the library for attempting to be thorough at least in terms of offering trills and short runs, brass swells, articulations, two diff. staccatos per instrument, some ornaments etc, for every instrument. What other library does that? This is the only one that did it when it came out, and I beleive is still the only one.

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    Re: The Pro\'s of Advanced Orchestra

    Maarten, what do you like to use for percussion, especially the basic orchestral stuff (snare, timps)?


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