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Topic: Scottish Chamber Orchestra Soundtrack Competition

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    Scottish Chamber Orchestra Soundtrack Competition

    Dear All

    I haven't posted in some time but would like to inform you about a film soundtrack competition being run by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

    Good luck to all who decide to enter.

    Best wishes


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    The first episode (jam-packed with clues) is online now and where the story goes after that is up to all of us - it's a collaborative adventure!

    The original soundtrack will be provided by the SCO and a special e-newsletter will be sent out to coincide with each new episode.

    Soundtrack competition
    The Scottish Chamber Orchestra is running a Soundtrack competition open to composers of any age, all over the world. The challenge is to write your own music for Episode 1. With great tips from Alexis (composer) and Stephen (sound designer) it couldn't be easier.

    For all competition rules and resources visit The Lost Book http://thelostbook.net/get-involved

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    Re: Scottish Chamber Orchestra Soundtrack Competition

    This definitely looks interesting, thanks for link!
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    Re: Scottish Chamber Orchestra Soundtrack Competition

    Yes, I am looking into it as well. Thanks!
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    Re: Scottish Chamber Orchestra Soundtrack Competition

    Thanks for the post. While going through this interesting site, I discovered the Windows Movie Maker. I didn't even know I had this handy program for editing Windows videos on my computer!

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