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Topic: Omnisphere, will this work?

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    Omnisphere, will this work?

    My current DAW is a dated P4 2.66 ghz with 2 gigs of ram. Runs nice, and gets my music done. Now I own Omnisphere and while I have used it on a recent project it was with only two sounds loaded and I had to freeze them to finish up the song.

    I have another computer that I do my 3D animation and graphics on. It is a Dual Core 1.86 with 2 gigs of ram. They are networked together. Can I buy FX Teleport, install Omnisphere on the graphics computer and let it just be dedicated to Omnisphere? Will this work? Will it work well? Should I just save the FX Teleport money, sell a kidney and buy a new DAW? The thought of reinstalling everthing on a new machine makes my heart stop... (hang on... OK it's ticking again...)

    Would buying 3 gigs of ram for my current DAW help more than the FX Teleport? Of course, I'd have to throw out the 4 - 512 sticks and buy 3 - 1 gig sticks...

    Any thoughts? Charity? Should I buy a vowel? Punt?

    I hope the answer is 3 gigs of ram, next best would be FX Teleport, last would be buy a new computer...

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    All the very best,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Omnisphere, will this work?

    I have a 1.83gHz laptop with 3GB of RAM and only a 5400 speed HD. I am able to run Omnisphere just fine, although multis can get a little heavy. But that's my fault for putting it on the slow hard drive that also happens to have the OS and audio host.

    The most important factors are RAM and drive speed. If you have a seperate drive for samples, that is best. So you may be able to get by for now by just upgrading those two things and not getting a whole new system for now. And you can use those things in the future system as well if you wish!


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    Re: Omnisphere, will this work?

    I have a relic P4 2.4 with 2G of ram. Basically using mulits is not realistic for me if I have anything else running at the same time. Even at that I can only have a couple of sounds at the same time. So I installed Omni on a second pc as well (also a P4 but a 2.8 with 2G of Ram). This way I can distribute the load at my convenience. I don't use FXT but my understanding is that you have to have the buffer setting low to work well. This fact to my brain would mean with a slow machine like a P4 would probably give you a lot of headaches if using a power hog like Omni. It's really designed for the newer generation machines, which makes sense. Always more ram the better but to really take advantage you need an OS that can address all that extra ram.

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