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Topic: Breaking up .gig files....

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    Breaking up .gig files....

    Ok, I\'ve had some success with making \"Mega-Gig\" files, and it works great for the Synthline CD\'s from NiceBytes (Being able to load all the sounds and switching between them, ahh, nice..) But I want to start editing some of the sounds in the VotA .gig\'s, and each minor change I make requires me to save the entire .gig file, which is about 700 or 800 megs. I guess I\'m looking for two answers. A. If I\'m doing something wrong, where I don\'t have to save the entire .gig file over again. B. How do you break up large gig files?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Breaking up .gig files....

    A) No, you\'re not doing anything wrong. I think there\'s a lot of room for improvement in the Editor here.

    B) Just drag\'n\'drop instruments into newly created (empty) gig files.

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    Re: Breaking up .gig files....

    Works great, thanks! I did learn that it\'s better to do the editing on the faster computer. My Athlon 800 /256MB is fine for playing stuff, but the Athlon XP 1700+ /1GB edits 5 times faster. Now to do all the edits and copy across the 100BT...

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