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Topic: Scoring - How to figure out BPM

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    Scoring - How to figure out BPM

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    How do you guys find the appropriate BPM for a film or video? Is this something the creator of the video usually provides? Is BPM something they often consider while filming?

    I recently starting rescoring an old cartoon just for fun, but it already had a track to it, so it was easy. But if there was nothing to go by, i'm not sure how i would go about finding the appropriate BPM so that all the hits line up to specific parts in the video.

    Much appreciated.

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    Re: Scoring - How to figure out BPM


    Maybe i shouldn't worry about bpm and just wing it? That doesnt seem right.

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    Re: Scoring - How to figure out BPM

    Does anyone even use this forum?

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