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Topic: I Could Use Some Scoring Assitance

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    I Could Use Some Scoring Assitance

    I'm in the middle of preparing some MIDI files to be moved into Sibelius. The files already exist, and so am quantizing and cleaning them up before working in Sib on a presentable printed score.

    There's too much to explain about the project in this post, but can say the primary issue is making sure the Piano is looking as clean and playable as possible.

    If someone here would enjoy taking on a bit of an assistance project, that would be greatly appreciated. It would be most helpful if I had help from someone who also uses Sonar, but it could work if Sibelius is your forte. I'm just hoping to stay in Sonar with the whole project until everything is ready enough to take into notation.

    Please use the email link found by clicking for the menu on my user name in the upper left corner of this post.

    I'm stuck, so am hoping to hear from someone. I can explain in much more detail via email.

    Thank you.

    Randy B.

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    Re: I Could Use Some Scoring Assitance

    Randy -
    Did you check your email? My SONAR is calling.


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    Re: I Could Use Some Scoring Assitance

    Good ol Forum - I thought I could probably find some help here. THANKS, Joe - you and two other members have contacted me about this and I've now sent you all emails.

    BUT it's not as if more volunteers can't be recruited! What I need is simple enough - I just need Keyboard players to check my Piano charts to make sure they're clear and playable enough.

    I DON'T need someone who necessarily works in Sibelius. I DO need people who work in DAWS, preferably Sonar - But if we kept the file exchanges in the generic MIDI realm, it wouldn't actually matter which sequencer is used.

    Thanks guys - And everyone else, there are quite a number of pages I need to test, so to divide the work up would work well. Please feel to still contact me if you have interest.

    Randy B.

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    Re: I Could Use Some Scoring Assitance

    I could use some scoring assistance too but it's not with music ....

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