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Topic: Brass in Bill Brown's music ?

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    Brass in Bill Brown\'s music ?


    Does anybody know what brass samples did Bill Brown use in his latest game scores, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, and Ghost Recon? Or is it maybe a live recording...
    The sound is very good, and it\'s kiling me to know what is it...


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    Re: Brass in Bill Brown\'s music ?

    I\'ve talked to Mr. Brown a couple of times about the samples he uses and he says he has pretty much everything that\'s available on the major markets, so I\'m guessing he uses QLB, Dan Dean, AO, and probably some of his own...you can check out: http://www.billbrownmusic.com/studio.htm
    it\'s a nice little site that you can poke around and listen to some of his music.

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    Re: Brass in Bill Brown\'s music ?

    thanks for this link! Great stuff, inspiring.

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    Re: Brass in Bill Brown\'s music ?

    Thanks for the reply....

    Yeah it\'s true that in the most of his work you can clearly hear comercial libraries. But I was thinking especialy on RTCW...can\'t figure out if it\'s real or not..
    ..have a listen http://www.billbrownmusic.com/sound/RTCW_Intro_Movie_BB.mp3


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    Re: Brass in Bill Brown\'s music ?

    Lex, the brass on that is DEFINITELY not from AO, Miroslav or QLB!! His piccolos also sound awesome. If this is not custom, I wanna know how he did it

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    Re: Brass in Bill Brown\'s music ?


    My toughts exactly....this track is killing me...after a couple of more listenings, I\'m dead sure it\'s not live..
    But I\'m still puzzled with that brass...
    DDSB can get that kind of tone but with a lot of tweakin\'...So that low brass on the begining is not QLB?
    Since I don\'t have QLB...

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    Re: Brass in Bill Brown\'s music ?

    Of the top of my head its not QLB.

    The second attack has a sort of \"flutter\" in teh sound almost like a slow \"tounged\" sound. Either completely custom samples, or custom edits.... or live players with edits in the audio..... Gives me a few ideas from some sample tweaking tho

    Really...I am an Idiot

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