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Topic: Book recommendation

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    Book recommendation

    I know not many here write musicals, but I have been reading an excellent book lately I want to recommend.

    "Making Musicals" by Tom Jones - www.limelighteditions.com - Hal Lenoard

    At Amazon:

    Just a delightful and very informative book by half of the team who wrote "The Fantasticks". A sort of how-to book, but more in general terms. Even if you do not write musicals, I think many a composer would find it an interesting read.
    I have found some of his advice and tips to be quite useful to me as I write my own musical.

    Perhaps others have book suggestions that would like to share as well.

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    Re: Book recommendation

    Thanks for the tip, Charles - I'm very interested especially since "The Fantasticks" is simply one of the most wonderful little musicals every written.

    A classic book which I studied when I started "Dorian" is "Words With Music" by Lehman Engel. I just now Googled the book up and noticed that it's been revised since the time my copy was printed:


    Engel is still considered The expert on the writing of stage musicals. In the edition of his book that I have, at any rate, his opinions and advice are Very anchored in the traditional Broadway Musical - a breed of show not actually written so much anymore. Engel's example of the "perfect" musical is "My Fair Lady," and it's difficult to argue with that.

    Many writers about musicals don't really accept the modern shows which are being done in New York nowadays but which don't fit the traditional mold. It was from reading books like "Words With Music" which helped me when I wrote "Dorian," but which also showed me that what I was wanting to write really isn't in the Broadway mold. My show is more of an operetta, albeit a dramatic one. And that means - less "commercial" than if I would have followed Mr. Engel's advice more closely.

    Hope all goes well with "River Town"--!

    Randy B.

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